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Super Nationals - DeSoto Photo Gallery

Filed under General on April 23, 2013 | Comment(s)

They say everything is bigger in Texas. If you were talking about the moto count, Saturday was the biggest ever at 286. If you’re talking about dark storm clouds and 30 mph winds, they were also big. Part of my Saturday morning ritual is to glance at the local radar before heading to the track. Two huge red spots were headed directly for our favorite building in Desoto. As soon as we pulled into the lot, marble sized hail began to pour out of the low flying grey clouds. Remember: BIG.
We witnessed more than a few unsecured tents taking flight through the pits during the storm. ..and while all this was going down, practice was in progress under the roof like nothing was out of the ordinary. The covered MetroPlex BMX track repelled the weather like a bullet-proof vest and USA BMX riders put on a show all weekend. Being the third Pro series event of the year, the action was intense as Redline's Sam Willoughby conintued his winning streak and made it five in a row.

Be on the lookout for all of the coverage in PULL magazine - in the meantime, here are some photo highlights from the weekend. 

Image Gallery

  • Desoto-8_mxw60_mxh60_e1
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