Dixieland Nationals Photo Gallery

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Few tracks can boast the national history of the Cobb County BMX track in Powder Springs, GA. Margie Hatfield has kept the facility in prime position to be Georgia’s premier track for well over three decades. The Spring weather in this part of the country is unpredictable at best and more than one Dixieland National event has been spoiled by the wet stuff (self-inflicted sprinkler malfunction one year). Last year saw a complete track rebuild only to be spoiled by one of the very few rainouts in USA BMX (ABA) history. With the race being held earlier in the year, many were left wondering: How would this year’s event unfold? AWESOME, is how.

The 2013 Dixieland Nationals turned out to be another record-breaking turnout for USA BMX - and along with it, as usual, came some incredible race action. You'll have to wait until the next issue of PULL magazine to read more - but for now, here are some photo highlights from the weekend... 

PHOTO CREDIT:  Mandy Loorham

Image Gallery

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