2013 Frame & Fork Buyers Guide

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Your frame is one of the most important elements of your bike. It is the foundation to having a machine that will assist you in achieving your goals as a BMX racer.
Whether you prefer a frame that is stiff out of the gate but responsive when you need it to be, or you’d rather ride one with more flex that gives you full control at all times, the choice is yours. PULL magazine is here to make your decision a little bit easier by compiling a feature that represents some of the best frames in the country and across the world. Your frame can’t take all of the credit though. The forks on your bike are also a key tool in your success. They are the driving force in your self commanded cockpit. You want something that is stiff enough to handle the rigors of the high level competition you face, but you also want it light enough so it doesn’t feel like you are lifting an anvil when manualing or jumping. One the next few pages, you will find some of the best products on the market, to consider for your next big purchase.

We hope this Frame and Fork Buyers Guide helps aid you in your search
for that perfect frame and fork combo.  

* MSRP listed is suggested - actual Dealer price may vary. 



Image Gallery

  • 24seven2013-05-07_at_2
  • Anarchy2013-05-07_at_2
  • Badd2013-05-07_at_1
  • Blackcrown2013-05-07_at_2
  • Chase2013-05-07_at_1
  • Crupi2013-05-07_at_1
  • Cyclecraft2013-05-07_at_2
  • Dk-2013-05-07_at_1
  • Doublecross2013-05-07_at_2
  • Extreme2013-05-07_at_2
  • Felt2013-05-07_at_2
  • Freea2013-05-07_at_2
  • Ghp2013-05-07_at_2
  • Gt-2013-05-07_at_1
  • Haro_2013-05-07_at_2
  • Hyper2013-05-07_at_1
  • Intense_2013-05-07_at_2
  • Kuwahara2013-05-07_at_2
  • Mcs_2013-05-07_at_2
  • Phoenix2013-05-07_at_2
  • Pro2013-05-07_at_1
  • Redline2013-05-07_at_2
  • Rift2013-05-07_at_1
  • S_m2013-05-07_at_1
  • Se2013-05-07_at_2
  • Speedco2013-05-07_at_2
  • Ssquared2013-05-07_at_2
  • Standard2013-05-07_at_2
  • Supercross2013-05-07_at_2
  • Yess_2013-05-07_at_1
  • Fork-speedline-05-07_at_2
  • Forka2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forkb2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forkc2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forkcliq2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forkd2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forkdouble2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forkp2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forkpro2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forkr2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forks_m2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forkstandard2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forksx2013-05-07_at_2
  • Forkt2013-05-07_at_2
  • Screen_shot_2013-05-07_at_3