Well, 2015 will be a pretty exciting year for Peninsula Indoor BMX!  The track operator and crew at PIBMX has earned the right to host the State Finals for Washington this year!  While some people think this isn't the best news ever due to the small size of the venue, I know Mr. Mazuti will ensure that it is a fantastic and family friendly event just like he does week in and week out.  We are gearing up for Race For Life on 14 March, with the Gold Cup Qualifier and SCR race on the last weekend of the month!  We are continuing our Intro to BMX Clinic series every other Saturday (Free of charge with loaner bikes and helmets!), with the next one being on March 7th (11am to 1 pm)!  If you're local to Western Washington and want to know more about the sport of BMX and want to give it a try, come on out and check it out!

As spring approaches, the outdoor tracks in the area are starting to ramp up and are preparing to open.  For all the great things about Peninsula Indoor, one thing it is not, is long.  So those 1100, 1200, & 1300 foot long outdoor tracks are gonna make those legs feel like rubber after a fast winter of racing the 700' PIBMX sprint track!  Weather permitting, get out to a local school track (if the school allows it), and get some training in doing hot laps.  Sprint the straights and coast the turns at 9 & 3 pedal position (changing body positions, up/down-back/forward).  Rest for a couple minutes in between laps, and continue for 5-10 laps.  If you do this a couple days a week on non-track days, you should be better prepared come full blown outdoor season!