Ever wanted to get coached or have your child coached by one of the greatest BMXers ever?  With InstaViser.com, you can now get personalized instruction with former World Champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist Donny Robinson.

Donny says, “One of the reasons I love BMX Racing so much is because of the people I have met and the friends I have made. Encountering people with a shared passion and drive is so awesome. InstaViser is great because there is no longer a wait until “the next race” to interact or share knowledge with riders and parents - it can happen instantly, from anywhere in the world. I am super-excited about working with BMXers via InstaViser, and bringing this new platform to our sport.”

InstaVisers are live one-on-one internet video sessions and come in lengths up to 60 minutes. InstaViser was conceived and built by Olympians who believe every athlete should have the opportunity to speak with the best at any time and no matter where they are in the world. To book an online training session, or for more info - CLICK HERE

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