Phew! What an amazingly exhausting weekend. I went into Utah with my Uncle, Aunt, and cousin zaidyn. We stayed in St George the first night we were there. In the morning we went to go race in virgin. My cousin did pretty good, he got third first third i believe. Me on the other hand, I didn't do to well. I was racing the same people I did last time, and got second the first race. On the second race is where things went downhill. I don't know what happened but my knee slammed against my frame, and then my foot came off the pedal and scrapped my shin. I couldn't really race the third race so I only got third, but hey I still had fun.

Now the best part of the trip was the final day. Utah state championship qualifier in Tooele. My cousin got second every race and he was racing for total points. Me on the other hand, I did real good and got first. I still slipped a little bit, but. I think I have a way to stop it. 

I will post again after Tuesday if thats a race.