Golden Crank Awards

Since 1992 PULL magazine has asked YOU, the racers, fans, and BMX industry to vote for your favorites in four categories. The categories are PRO, ROOKIE PRO, BIKE, and TEAM of the year. After all the votes are cast they are then tallied up to see who the lucky winners are. The PULL magazine Golden Crank awards are awarded to the winners in all four categories at the Greatest Race on Earth, the USA BMX Grand National in Tulsa, OK. As you can see by the list below, the Golden Crank Award winners are a list of whos who in the BMX racing world past and present.


  • Rookie Pro of the Year: Alec Bob | 2017, Rookie Pro of the Year


    Free Agent's Alec Bob was impressive throughout 2017 - his first year of Pro competition. Having been an amateur superstar - and former winner of the Hall of Fame Scholarship award, Bob is no stranger to the BMX spotlight. In his Rookie season, he scored his first Pro career win in his homestate, as the Lone Star Nationals in Pluggerville, TX. Then, when the UCI Worlds returned to U.S. soil for the first time in 16 years, Alec Bob was on point - becoming World Champion in the 21-25 Mens class.

  • Pro of the Year: Alise Post | 2017, Pro of the Year


    Winning 24% of the vote in 2017, the list of reasons she won the Golden Crank (again) is a long one. Before winning her 10th career National No.1 Cup, Minnesota's BMX heart throb was awarded her third Golden Crank; cementing her place in BMX history books as the most Winningest BMXer of All Time. In the entire 25 year history of the "popularity" award, the Golden Crank has only been handed out to one fast female - and that is Alise the Beast.

  • Bike of the Year: Supercross | 2017, Bike of the Year


    In 2017, it became a familiar sight to see a carbon Supercross frame winning a national main - from Intermediates to top Experts, and even in the toughest class of them all - AA pro! Thanks to pro athletes like Anthony Dean (winner in Phoenix and Louisville) and 2-time Olympic gold medalist Maris Strombergs (winner in Texas), as well as impressive team finishes by FullTilt Racing and Factory Supercross themselves, the carbon Supercross ENVY-BLK won its fair share of race this year.

  • Team of the Year: Full Tilt Racing | 2017, Team of the Year


    In their first year of Factory competition, Minnesota-based Full Tilt Racing made quite an impact on the BMX World - following their No.1 Bike Shop title in 2016, with an impressive rookie-year run at the Factory title. Their ever-stylish, super fast riders were seen all over the country, dominating their mains in typical Team Turquoise fashion. It's hard to miss 'em on the track, with their stand-out Fly Racing gear and sweet Supercross bikes.