Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • Brent Patterson | 1980, Pro


    In all of BMX there's only been one brother-combo impressive enough to both earn No.1 Pro plates. The eldest of these No.1 Pro champions is Brent Patterson; who in a heated rivalry with the reigning No.1 Champ - Stu Thomsen, wound up coming out on top.

  • Jeff Kosmala | 1980, Cruiser


    The first (and last) No.1 title to be won on a 26" wheeled cruiser was appropriately earned by "Kos." Mongoose's Jeff Kosmala was so dominant in this new big-wheel class that his sponsor introduced the Kos Kruiser; a bike that still lives in infamy (as it was re-produced in 2012 by Mongoose).

  • JMC Racing | 1980, Factory Team


    The American-made (Azusa, California to be exact) JMC brand of frames was one of the first manufacturers to offer a complete line of all frame sizes for every age of rider. So it should come as no surprises that they had a wide variety of riders, of all ages and sizes, rostered on their factory team. As the undisputed "King" of the little-guy frame market, Team JMC ruled the younger age groups and took those victories to the winner's circle all year, along with a National No.1 Championships.

  • Richie Anderson | 1980, Amateur


    Can you say TWO in a row? Richie "The Avalanche" Anderson dominated another season, aboard his signature frame - the Patterson "Avalanche." Utilizing his speed jumping skills and great starts, the younger Anderson brother held on to the No.1 Haro plate that was zip-tied to his bars.