Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • Vision-Free Agent | 1989, Factory Team

  • BC (Bicycle Center) | 1989, Bike Shop Team

  • Gary Ellis | 1989, Pro


  • Hans Nissen | 1989, Pro Cruiser


  • Mapuana Naki | 1989, Girl


    To some BMX experts - it might be a better argument as to who is more famous in our sport: Polynesian girl racer Mapuana (aka "Mop") or her dad Al (aka "Pineapple"). Both raced, and both were plenty fast - but while Pineapple split half of his time as a National official, it was Mop who brought home the numerous awards and No.1 plates.

  • Dianna Bowling | 1989, Girl Cruiser


    Nor Cal's Dianna Bowling rode for many tops bike shop teams throughout her BMX career - including D&M out of Oregon and Spinner's out of Roseville, CA. While just as fast on a 20", the cruiser class was where she really dominated. If there were a Pro Girls class around this time, Dianna surely would've made the move and might've even won a Pro title - unfortunately, she was way ahead of her time.

  • Shelby James | 1989, Cruiser


    Mongoose's Shelby James was one of those "monster" Amateurs who the entire BMX world had predicted to be a future No.1 Pro contender. After scoring numerous NBL No.1 plates, his long awaited presence on the ABA circuit lived up to all of the hype and Shelby took home a No.1 silver cup.

  • Marty Christman | 1989, Amateur


    Nicknamed "Shovelhead" by his fellow Texan racers at the S&S Camp - due to his spending mass amounts of time with a shovel in hand, digging and building up his local trails, Marty Chritman was one of those riders who you couldn't help but like. While he was humble and quiet in the pits, he turned in to one determined Texan once he got on the track. Using his natural skills and smooth style to dominate his age class, Shovelhead got the job done.