Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • GT Bicycles | 1991, Factory Team

  • Domino's Pizza | 1991, Bike Shop Team

  • Pete Loncarevich | 1991, Pro

  • Kenny May | 1991, Pro Cruiser


  • Cindy Davis | 1991, Girl Cruiser

  • Marla Brady | 1991, Girl

  • In He Lee | 1991, Cruiser

  • Zack Roebuck | 1991, Amateur


    The chase for this 1991 National No.1 Amateur title is known as the craziest title-chase in BMX history - as Texan Zack Roebuck won the title in one of the most craziest and controversial main events our sport has seen. Coming in to the Grands, Zack was considered out of the hunt - being ranked No.16 in points. After taking the title, due to a DQ in the last turn, Roebuck owns the record for biggest points-gap for a title.