Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • GT WD-40 | 1997, Factory Team

  • Redlands Riverside Cycles | 1997, Bike Shop Team

  • Herda's Hot Shots | 1997, Trophy Team

  • John Purse | 1997, Pro


    They call him "The Jackal." It was an appropriate nickname for Texan John Purse, since he would do whatever it took to get the win. On the track, he had no friends, and was rabid in the turns. Off the track, though - he quickly became a fan favorite, and is responsible for putting Redline back on the map after their lean years that saw the brand nearly disappear. Yet nothing was about to stop Purse in his quest for the No.1 Pro title.

  • Kiyomi Waller | 1997, Pro Cruiser

  • Eric Rupe | 1997, Vet Pro


  • Anna Appleby | 1997, Girl Cruiser

  • Ashley Recklau | 1997, Girl

  • Barry Nilson | 1997, Cruiser

  • Brandon Meadows | 1997, Amateur