Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • Sycamore BMX | 2011, Trophy Team


    Thanks much to the newly-crowned No.1 Cruiser champ Chris vrhagen's win in the largest cruiser class at the Grands - along with plenty of other fine performances by the Simi Valley BMX locals, Sycamore BMX topped off their year with the Trophy Team championship.

  • J&R Bicycles | 2011, Bike Shop Team


    J&R Bicycle - based out of Florida, is said to be one of the coolest (and largest) all-BMX bike shops in the country ...so, it should also be no surprise that they also support a pretty top-notch team who competes in the Bike Shop team category. As proof of that statement, when any factory team is looking to pick up new riders, they'll often pick-off members from the J&R crew. TM Scott Angus continues to put together a roster full of talent, from all across the country - and they earn their keep by constantly winning National No.1 Bike Shop team titles.

  • Crupi BMX | 2011, Factory Team


    The factory team battle was intense in 2011 - to say the least. Up the title were the defending champs (Redman) and former Champs (Intense/Phantom), and the underdog - the mean team in green, Crupi-Rhythm. Thanks much in part to the 19-27x win by Josh Klatman, giving them the extra umph in points, Crupi owner Greg Swingrover and TM Jesse Vargas accomplished what some might've thought was the impossible!

  • Matt Pohlkamp | 2011, Vet Pro


    Ohio-native Matt Pohlkamp had quite an illustrious career in the double-A pro ranks - but it wasn't until he made the move up to the Vet Pro ranks when he really kicked things off. Now living in SoCal, riding for Dan's Comp and splitting his time between an acting career and BMX racing, Pohlkamp and his Diamondback bike held off the hard-charging Javier Colombo to win his first National No.1 cup.

  • Jamie Windholz | 2011, Girl Cruiser


    Unless you were from Missouri, chances are you hadn't heard of or even knew who Jamie Windholz was up until the 2011 Grands. Sure, her competition had - as Jamie had quietly put in some impressive scores throughout the year to get in title contention.

  • Chris Verhagen | 2011, Cruiser


    This isn't the first National No.1 Cruiser cup for Simi Valley's Chris Verhagen. He'd won it back in 2006, and then afterwards, celebrated by crashing bad the next year and busting up his ankle. His road back to the top was a long one, but this BMX dad (father to Woman Pro Ashley Verhagen) kept at it and with a bit of luck, he re-captured the No.1 plate in one of the most exciting main events of the 2011 Grands.

  • Dani George | 2011, Girl


    Supercross' Dani George had paid her dues in the amateur Girls ranks for years, and in 2011, she was on a mission. To assist in her quest, Bill Ryan and the gang at Supercross bikes did whatever they could to get her to the race she needed to be at. By November, she was positioned pretty in points and with a Grands main win, the "Dan-imal" did it! She was the new No.1 Girl in all of BMX. In 2013, Dani made her move to the Pro Women class.

  • Josh Klatman | 2011, Amateur


    Two in a row? Why not. Richie Anderson was the first to do it. Josh Oie, David Herman and Nic Long did it. So, whhat was stopping Crupi's Josh Klatman from putting his name in the BMX record books with 2-straight No.1 Am titles? Apparently ....nothing. Once the gate for 19-27x dropped at the Grands, Klatman was a man possessed, and held on to his No.1 plate from 2010.

  • Dominque Daniels | 2011, Women Pro


    Arizona's Dominique Daniels has had an incredible career and in 2011 - another great season in the Pro Women ranks. With her power-pump in full effect, 3-D in her GCU and DFR jersey, was unbeaten in her quest for a fourth consecutive No1 Pro Championship.

  • Marc Willers | 2011, Pro


    It was an Australian rock band that sang "It's a long way to the Top" - and for this New Zealand'er, that tune definitely rings true. Willers' dream of becoming a rockstar on the American BMX scene was a long one, with a lot of ups and downs, but in 2011 - it finally came to fruition, and Marc took his Speed bike to victory circle in a long, hard-fought battle with his Aussie nemesis, Sam Willoughby. This was the first U.S. National Championship ever handed to a Kiwi.