Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • The Nationals | 2013, Trophy Team


    The BMX Nationals Racing Team (aka "The Nationals") is both a nationwide and local web-team. They welcome all skill levels and have both Factory & Jr.Devo Trophy Teams. They are an independent USA BMX news and resource website and in 2013, they hit the US ABMX scene hard enough to put in a chase for the Trophy Team championship. With a Grands performance that was nothing short of miraculous, The Nationals won their first ever No.1 team title. The first, we predict, of many more to come.

  • J&R Bicycles.com~Speedco | 2013, Bike Shop Team


    This is J&R's fourth-straight No.1 Bike Shop championship; and it's become a fact that TM Scott Angus knows how to put together a winning roster. After last year's win, about 80% of his team left for the greener pastures of a factory sponsorship. He admitted that even though he was able to sign-on some other quick racers, he wasn't sure if they'd be able to keep the streak alive. They did.

  • Haro~Promax | 2013, Factory Team


    2013 was the first year for the newly-formed Haro~Promax squad. Last year, under the Intense team colors, they'd became No.1 Factory team - and when it comes to putting together a super squad, killer roster and wining team sheet, TM Donovan Long knows every little trick of the trade in taking the title.

  • Jordy Scott | 2013, Girl Cruiser


    Doin' it for the Redman~Rockstar squad out of Henderson, Nevada - Jammin' Jordy Scott has won her fair share of races - but never before, a National No.1 title. The 12 year old ripper from the Land of Connor Fields has the speed and skills to win plenty more of these in the coming years.

  • Kelsey VanOgle | 2013, Girl


    Washington's VanOgle family - from the Auburn/Federal Way suburb of Seattle, are the true epitome of a BMX family. Kelsey and her older brother Lain both hold more NAG No.1 plates than you can ever dream of, and father Loren had just taken over teh Team Manager duties of Factory Phoenix (based out of Oregon). While Kelsey had previously won two National No.1 Girls Cruiser cups, she'd never been in close contention for the 20" title .... until now.

  • Shawn Diprete | 2013, Cruiser


    With Hatfield out, next in line on the list of No.1 Cruiser contenders was Answer~Rennen's Shawn Diprete. Down a few notches below DiPrete, was one of his biggest rvials - Dave Archibald. (An "Arch-rival" ...literally.) With large rider-count, there was no doubt that the 41-45 Cruiser main would again play a huge deciding factor in the chase for the Cup ...just like the year before. These guys really know how to put on a show - and this time, Diprete was not about to choke under the pressure. He won it, flat out and put his name in the history books.

  • Maliek Byndloss | 2013, Amateur


    For more than a decade, there's been talk of this ultra fast dude from Florida. Originally, he was the pride and joy of the BL circuit, and for awhile, the only time the ABA'ers got a glimpse of him was during the UCi World Championships. Maliek has been a winning machine since day one - but the one title that eluded him until now was the ABA No.1 Am cup.

  • Cristian Becerine | 2013, Vet Pro


    Last year, Cristian Becerine made BMX history by being the first South American (born) to win a U.S. National No.1 Championship. Matt Pohlkamp's already got one, Carne$ has six of them .. but SE's Javier Colombo still has yet to slap a Vet Pro No.1 on his plate (although, he has been a former UCi Elite World Champ). For 2013, it looked as if the title chase for the 33+ year old Pros would again come down to Colombo or Becerine. That, it did.

  • Mariana Pajon | 2013, Women Pro


    The chase for 2013's No.1 Pro Women's title was, without a doubt, the most exciting one EVER, in the history of the sport. All year long, wins were put in by Alise Post, defending Champ Dominique Daniels, and of course - the new Olympic gold medalist from Colombia, Mariana Pajon. In fact, the Dan's Comp gal wound up winning the last 7 races of the season, to put on a late-year charge for the Championship.

  • Sam Willoughby | 2013, Pro


    WHEW! Whatta year for Willoughby! The numbers speak for themselves: * 13 straight Wins in AA-pro. * 20 wins total for the year. * Nothing but podium finishes throughout the season. * Only missed making 4 AA-pro mains out of the whole year.