Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • Maris Strombergs | 2014, Pro


    Up until 2014, the 2-time Olympic medalist from Latvia had won every single major Championship in BMX Racing - EXCEPT, the USA BMX No.1 Pro title.

  • Alise Post | 2014, Women Pro


    After giving it a valiant effort in 2013 - only to lose to Mariana Pajon, Alise came in to the 2014 season focused, strong and healthy - and motivated more than ever. Having lost her mother to cancer, after a tough 18 month battle, it has been said that Alise was racing this year with an Angel on her shoulders.

  • Javier Colombo | 2014, Vet Pro


    For the past four years, the Vet Pro class had been a tough and very tight battle between three racers; Matt Pohlkamp, Cristian Becerine and Javier Colombo. While Pohlkamp won it once, and Becerine had taken the title twice, Javi had always come close but never hoisted the big silver Cup above his head ... until now.

  • Roman Jaworsky | 2014, Amateur


    Having led National points throughout much of the year, Las Vegas' 13-year-old ripper Roman Jaworsky knew that it was time to get serious, if the No.1 Amateur Cup were to be his at the end of the year. That is when U.S. Olympian Connor Fields (also, a fellow 'Vegas local) took Roman under his wing and coached him to a 2014 Championship.

  • Kelsey VanOgle | 2014, Girl


    After winning more No.1 NAG plates than any other girl in the history of BMX - along with a National No.1 Girls championship - the future U.S. Olympic hopeful from Washington was out to make it 2-in-a-row before she turned Pro. Kelsey VanOgle, in her final race for Phoenix Bikes - as well as her final race as an amateur, was racing as if she had something to prove ...even though, with her past record of wins and titles, she really didn't.

  • Kiegen Perlberg | 2014, Cruiser


    Hailing from St. Cloud, Minnesota - 11 year old Kiegen Perlberg races for local bike shop team Full Tilt, and is a Pineview Park local (the home track of multi-time No.1 Alise Post, and ran by her dad). After racking up some impressive wins throughout the season, Kiegen came to Tulsa outside of the Top-10. Sitting in the No.12 spot of points, there was no fanfare and no pressure. With 44 riders in his class, his win in the final pushed the virtual unknown to the top of national standings. However...

  • Haro - Promax | 2014, Factory Team


    For 2014, the unstoppable force of the Haro~Promax team repeated their No.1 Factory team title - making this the 11th No.1 team cup owned by the team manager of the stars, Donovan Long.

  • Olivia Armstrong | 2014, Girl Cruiser


    Olivia Armstrong is a dedicated local racer at the High Desert BMX track in Bend, OR - located at the Big Sky Sports Complex off Neff Road. Olivia has honed her skills on this competitive course, and is sponsored by the Oregon-based bike brand - BlackBox Industries, owned by pro racer Adam Treadwell. Ironically - Olivia got hooked on BMX Racing at a young age, when she first asked for Treadwell’s autograph. Now, riding for his company, she’s come full-circle, as Oregon’s new BMX superstar.

  • J&R Bicycles - Chase - BOX | 2014, Bike Shop Team


    Last year, the dominating J&R Bicycles.com team became the record holder for most-straight No.1 Bike Shop team titles, and with yet another win in 2014 - their FIFTH straight, TM Scott Angus continues to set the bar high for all other bike shop teams in USA BMX. Only two questions remain: 1) Can they be beat?! and 2) Who's going clean up all of that silly-string from the main stage?

  • Redman Jr Devo | 2014, Trophy Team


    Mike Redman's Jr. Devo team - made up of some of the fastest rising stars in So. Cal. BMX, recaptured their lost National No.1 Cup, which they'd lost last year to The Nationals. This was the 2nd time Redman's Jr. Devo force has won the Trophy Team championship ... and most likely, won't be the last.