Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • Joris Daudet | 2016, Pro


    Joris Daudet's 2016 season could best be described as a roller-coster. He kicked off the year with his first-ever USA BMX No.1 Pro plate on his Chase bike, and picked right up where he'd left off - winning. Then he began to get beat by the always-tough Sam Willoughby and the points-chase was TIGHT, to say the least. Then, Joris scored yet another World Championship and rainbow-striped jersey, after being victorious in Colombia. But then came the 2016 Olympic games, and a gnarly crash over the berm-jump that ended his Rio race earlier than anybody expected. The Flying Frenchman now only had one thing left to do - retain that No.1 plate in the U.S.. Could he? Would he? ...of course, he did.

  • Alise Post | 2016, Women Pro


    As the masses arrived in Tulsa for the 2016 USA BMX Grands, we turned to the record books to see that only two riders had ever held the No.1 Cup above their heads throughout their career - Eric Rupe and Alise Post. While Rupe's ship of No.1 Championships has already sailed, Post is still in her prime and was in yet another points lead for Pro Women. Could she set a new record - a NINTH career title in ABA/USA BMX? We'd soon find out.

  • Cristian Becerine | 2016, Vet Pro


    Originally from Argentina, yet now an official American citizen - with a lovely wife and son at home at his cozy home in Costa Mesa, California - Ssquared's Cristian Becerine has accomplished the American Dream. Already with three No.1 Vet Pro cups on his fireplace mantle, the rider/coach who is so well-known for his killer starts that he is called "Dr.Holeshot" was out to earn a fourth Championship in 2016.

  • Jesse Welch | 2016, Amateur


    So Cal'er Jesse Welch, racing for the multi-time No.1 Factory team - Haro-Promax, got the pop from lane seven and while former No.1 Am Radro Jaworsky and Utah's Hunter Brown had equally great starts. But they could not match Welch's Perris-pull. By the Tulsa turn, Welch and his carbon Haro bike were sitting in a comfy 6-bike length lead and rode a flawless lap to take over the Amateur points lead. ...the only question was; could he hold onto it?!

  • Elida Beeman | 2016, Girl


    Of all the national title chases in 2016, the girls battle was by far the craziest and most intense chase of the entire Grands weekend. Would the new Champ come from 15-16 girls - as it had the prior year?

  • Drew Motley | 2016, Cruiser


    Drew Motley started from lane seven and the intensity built when USA BMX president B.A. Anderson announced the usual line: "With the win, and only a win, Drew could become the new national number one cruiser champ." As the gate slammed down, Motley didn't get the best start of his life, and as expected - holeshot artist Eric Sweets did. Coming out of the first turn, Sweets held the lead but Motley and his belt-driven Yess cruiser pulled up alongside him on the outside - and then proceeded to pass Eric like he was standing still. Out of the Tulsa turn, Drew had five bike lead. By the last turn, Motley won with an easy seven or eight bike length lead.

  • Jaycie Sinclair | 2016, Girl Cruiser


    Arriving in Tulsa right before Thanksgiving was Jaycie Sinclair from Spring, TX., who was sitting in the number one spot of points. Once motos were posted, the 13–14-year-old girl cruiser class had 24 riders, giving them the advantage with 48 extra rider points. And with it, came the National No.1 Girl Cruiser championship.

  • Answer~Rennen | 2016, Factory Team


    TM George Costa (owner of the innovative product brand Rennen Designs) had dreamt of this day a long, looooong time ago. With the full support from Answer Products and Ssquared Bicycles, Costa and his crew had come close (oh, so close) to the No.1 title in the past. But you know what they say about close - that only counts in horsehoes, hand grenades and dancing.

  • Full Tilt Racing | 2016, Bike Shop Team


    Fritz and the gang at Full Tilt started off the 2016 by ramping up their turquoise team with some major players from former factory forces. Their one and only goal was to stop the J&R Bicycles 5-straight title streak. If accomplished, they promised - they would move up to the Factory ranks as soon as they had the No.1 Bike Shop Cup in their hands.