Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • No.1 Pro: Connor Fields | 2017, Pro


    It'd been nine years since an American born and bred AA-pro BMXer had hoisted the No.1 Pro Cupp high above their head on the Grands National stage. That dude was racer-turned-school teacher Randy Stumpfhauser. At that time, Vegas' Connor Fields was a 17 year old rising star in the amateur ranks, about to turn pro and already dreaming of Olympic glory some day.

  • No.1 Woman Pro: Alise Post | 2017, Women Pro


    Making BMX History. It's not the first time she's done it ...and likely, won't be the last. Minnesota-native Alise Post, wearing the long sought-after Rainbow striped jersey of a World Champion, came to Tulsa with a comfy points lead and was a complete inspiration to all, all weekend long.

  • No.1 Vet Pro | 2017, Vet Pro


    Argentina-born Cristian Becerine continued his domination of the over-33 Pro ranks, going after his 5th National No.1 title - and with the win, making it his 3rd in a row. Now with five No.1’s, he is just one more away from tieing Eric Rupe and Jason Carne$' record for most Vet titles.

  • No.1 Factory Team | 2017, Factory Team


    They made it two in a row - with yet another dominating performance at The #Grands in Tulsa. Team owner and TM George Costa returned with nearly the same crew that won him the silver Cup in 2016, and everybody performed up to expectations ...and then some. By the end of the 2017 season, the Asnwer-Rennen crew not only had won another No.1 Factory title - but also carted home both the No.1 Amateur and No.1 Cruiser Championships a well.

  • No.1 Bike Shop Team: Venom Racing | 2017, Bike Shop Team


    Minnesota-based Venom Racing had led Bike Shop points all year, and never let up. But they didn't run away with it, and the title would come down to the wire in Tulsa. Team owner/manager Mike Auman - a former BMX superstar himself, had assembled an awesome squad - mostly made up of Minnesota's finest and fastest.

  • No.1 Girl - Katja Shriver | 2017, Girl


    Katja came to Tulsa seeded in the No.2 spot of points and with “With a win, and only a win” Katja Shriver would take over points. But it wasn't wrapped up quite yet. There were still two classes (and six riders) who still had a shot at the No.1 plate. Could she deflect all of the bullets from 15-17 and 17-20 girls and take the Championship? We'd soon find out...

  • No.1 Girl Cruiser - Maddie DeSantis | 2017, Girl Cruiser


    Hailing from Simi Valley, CA., Maddie DeSantis isn't the first Sycamore BMX local to win a National No.1 Championship .... and surely, she won't be the last. Just a few years ago, Simi local Kevin Pauls won the No.1 Amateur cup - and everybody knew that it'd only be a matter of time before the Haro-Promax factory rider would win herself a black number One plate also.

  • No.1 Cruiser - Marshall Gehrke | 2017, Cruiser


    Illinois' Marshall Gerhke is another prime example of not giving up. Last year, he had won the Grands but fell short on the much-needed rider-count - capping off his previous season No.3 in National Cruiser standings after leading points for much of the year. For 2017, Gerhke came back even stronger than before, and a tad more determined. (Not to mention, a bit more stylish too, after spending some training time at the skateparks and BMX Summer Camps). This Kid has got it all, and winning his first title at age 10 - we predict there are more to come in his future.

  • No.1 Amateur - Brandon Crain | 2017, Amateur


    The "Birdman" had come into the 2017 Grands seated in the No.1 spot of Amateur points - and with 76 riders (13 groups worth), the Answer-Rennen rider had his work cut out for him. Crain is no stranger to winning The #Grands - as he was ranked No.2 Nationally the prior year and had fallen just a few rider-points short from winning the title in 2016.