Hall of Fame

Each year, USA BMX inducts two legendary BMX racers, one legendary Freestyle rider, along with one influential Industry person, as well as one influential BMX woman into the National BMX Hall of Fame. Nominations are accepted from the public, the final list of nominees is determined by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, and the BMX Hall of Fame inductees, industry, media and a select few history experts cast their votes on the ballot to determine each year`s class.

The official home of the National BMX Hall of Fame is located at USA BMX headquarters in Gilbert, AZ.


NOMINATING PROCESS: Each year, the National BMX Hall of Fame Committee requests nominations from the public and BMX community. Anybody can nominate someone for the BMX Hall of Fame. 

Nomination forms are accepted from October to January, and all entrants are considered. The Hall of Fame committee will narrow down the nominees to the Top-5, who are then voted on by over 500 votees - made up of current Hall of Famers, BMX media and Industry, and Vintage BMX experts and historians.

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When considering all Hall of Fame Nominations - the selection committee looks for Inductees who have made a serious impact on the sport of BMX; whether it be through performance and accomplishments, or outside of competition. 

Nominees in the Freestyle, Pioneer, Woman, and Racer categories are required to be inactive from professional competition for at least five (5) years or be over the age of 40. Nominees in the Industry category may still be active in the BMX industry.

All nominees should have made a direct impact to the sport of BMX in some of the following ways:
  • Helped change the direction of the sport of BMX and left their mark in a positive manner.
  • Influential and recognized figure in the sport of BMX.
  • Took the sport of BMX to a higher level of achievement or competition.
  • Earned achievements such as National or World titles and championships, popularity awards, media attention, brand advertising and endorsement of BMX products, team sponsorship, and other competitive contributions.
On a personal level, the individual should display attributes such as leadership, sportsmanship, character, and integrity.


  • Jason Jensen | 2019, Pioneer, Racer


    Known by many nicknames - but mostly as “Juicy Jaws,” Jensen was the quintessential Southern California racer, with long blond hair and a surfer’s tan. For more than half a decade, he did more for his sponsor than just win races. His was the image of a fun-loving BMX kid that everyone wanted to be.

  • Danny Nelson | 2019, Racer


    It all started in 1981 - for six year old Danny Nelson. Over the next 25 years, he’d grow from a young amateur superstar riding for Robinson Racing, into one of the most popular racers in the circuit - representing GT and Powerlite, and finally earning the ABA No.1 Pro title before he'd retire.

  • Everett Rosecrans | 2019, Industry


    No matter what BMX discipline you ride - whether you are racing or freestylin’, Vans shoes have been a rider’s first choice in footwear. And tonight, we are pleased to induct Vans’ original main-man of marketing, who helped make it that way: Everett Rosecrans.

  • John "Dizz" Hicks | 2019, Freestyle


    John Hicks was taught at an early age to go fast ...and to always go balls out. By his early teens, he’d already excelled in racing both motocross and BMX; alongside his older brother Bob. But John really found his groove when he witnessed Bob Haro doing some of the first freestyle tricks at a race in Las Vegas. Fast forward to John practicing spinning tricks continuously, until he got dizzy - his riding buddies gave him a lasting nickname ... “Dizz.”

  • Jamie Bestwick | 2019, Freestyle


    Our 2019 Modern-day Freestyle inductee has probably spent more time in the air than any other Hall of Famer, ever. With a string of NINE straight X-Games Gold medals in Vert, and a grand total of 14 X-Games Gold all together. We are talking about none other than the British BMX import - Jamie Bestwick!

  • Jamie Lilly | 2019, Woman


    Much to her father’s delight - Jamie Lilly got hooked on BMX at age five, and would go on to earn seven National Age Group No.1 plates, two Pro Championships and one W#1.

  • Bruce Brown | 2019, Special Recognition


    Technically, Bruce Brown’s contribution to the sport of BMX was merely one minute and thirty three seconds long - but unknowingly, it would become a monstrous spark that would quickly ignite a BMX bonfire.