Chandler BMX District: AZ01


298 S Mc Queen Rd
Chandler, Az 85225

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  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 480-963-1053
  • Primary Contact: Rinny Dyar (480-963-1053)
  • Secondary Contact: Julie Dyar (480-963-1053)

Chandler BMX @ McQueen & Frye Rd. was the first ever BMX track the American Bicycle Association (ABA) opened in 1977 for the purpose of holding Sanctioned BMX events for kids of all ages. Today the ABA known as USA BMX has 100's of tracks Nationwide and Canada holding 1000's of events every year. This sports is one of the fastest growing bicycle sports in the World, and in 2008 became an Olympic Sport. Its all about the kids, keeping them clean while playing in the dirt. We invite you and all your friends and family to come out and watch what we do, and then lets get you started. This is bicycle racing at it best !!! Memberships are only $ 60.00 for the year, and a trial 1 day membership is available if you want to just try it and see. Racing fees are $ 12.00, and Practice is $ 8.00. At the track we have loaner bikes and helmets for your trial run. Come out and give it a try. This is not like any other sport you have ever done. No sitting on the bench this day. Its all about you the rider, and how bad do you want to Win.