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Port Orchard WA 98367
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Track Operator:
Erin Moore
Joel Moore

John Machado Sr

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Strider / Balance Bikes

Strider / Balance bikes are non-pointed classes and are a development class where parents can assist their rider around the track.   We don’t charge for this class and we don’t award trophies.  However, we do pass out treats after the riders have completed their racing.  We ask that each rider have a $30 membership.

Is your rider ready for the track?   That is a question we get asked and the answer is simple.  If your rider can get around the track with minimal help then they are ready.   If you have to hold or help your rider balance while going around the track, then they are not ready.  

If your rider can’t ride the track by themselves then you must accompany / escort the rider around the track.

Race Nights:  Balance bike practice starts when motos are posted and will run until the flag lap is run.   Prior to that it is up to the gate operator to allow Strider / Balance bikes on the track, and balance bike riders should approach the starting gate through Chute 5/0 (nearest the gate operator) to be in full view of the gate operator during practice. COST is FREE with USA BMX Balnce Bike Membership

Strider / Balance bike riders who are making the transition to a pedal bike can practice / race with the striders until they are ready to move to the Novice class. A new pedal bike rider is generally ready for the Novice class when they can make their way around the track from the gate to the finish line and can navigate all obstacles on their own without having to dismount their bicycle and push it up a jump. Once a young rider is in the Novice class, a parent can only assist the rider on the gate, not on the track.  When that time comes and your rider is ready for the next step, you will need to purchase a full USABMX membership, which is convertible from the Balance Bike membership.

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