Missouri State Final Info

It's finally time to throw down your best laps, get those double state points, and try to walk home with a sweet blue or green plate! Blue Springs BMX is proud to host the 2018 Missouri State Final!

This is a big weekend with a lot of people in attendance. Here's a run down of some critical information. This is a LONG post, but it all needs to be out there and read.


Friday - Single Point Racing

Signups are from 6:00 - 7:30. $10 entry fee for class. $5 for additional class/cruiser. $5 practice. Balance bikes free.

Saturday - State Pre-Race Double and Pro-Am

Double points! $25 class/$25 cruiser/$5 practice/$25 Pro-Am entry! Pro-Am is 15 & Over, total points. $25 entry goes to purse. $400 guaranteed purse! Ams must also race class or cruiser. Payout for top 3. Get Paid to Podium! Thank you to Trip9bikes for donating to the purse!

Sunday - Missouri State Final

Triple district, double state points! Signups from 9-10:30 A.M. $35 class/$35 cruiser/$5 practice.

Tents, Parking, Park Rules

​Parking is allowed throughout the park in the asphalt parking area. Additional parking and tent space available in the areas marked in blue on the map. No tents can be setup inside the fence on Friday. Starting at noon on Saturday, you may setup tents inside the fence and in the areas marked in blue on the map.

Smoking is ONLY ON THE ASPHALT PARKING AREA. Period. Please keep our athletes lungs clear and our park clean.

We ask for no bikes to parked on the wooden fence and gates. These are brand new! We provide bike racks and ample space to flip bikes onto their seats and bars if needed. Your bike likes that better anyway.

Be respectful. It will get hot. Emotions will be raised. Everyone is trying to do their best. Please remember that. We're all people trying to do the best we can, be that on or off the track. A little patience goes a long way in a big crowd.

Animals, specifically dogs, have always been allowed. Please keep them leashed. Clean up after them. Also, respect their feelings! If they are stressed by crowds move them away from all the action.


Our normal concessions will be open with drinks, snacks, nachos, hot dogs, and the famous Engler Burgers! We will also have Kona Ice on site for an extra cold treat. Bikes for the Likes of Us will be on site for bike a gear needs.


Restrooms with running water are available in the buildings to the north (playground) of the track, and the west (ball fields). Please, please, please keep them clean. If there's an issue let us know as soon as possible so a small issue keep from becoming a big one.

Rules Enforcement

We will be calling fouls for impeding before the 30 foot line and in the last straight. Keep the racing clean! Practice good sportsmanship and show that you have great character. No one likes a sore loser or (even worse) a sore winner. Everyone that puts a tire to gate deserves respect!

Have FUN!

THIS is the most important section. Have fun! Have fun on the track. Have fun seeing people from all across Missouri. Heck, have fun with those Kansas and Nebraska folks that will probably crash our Missouri party!