Below are some common questions about the Mid-America Nationals at Blue Springs BMX.

PARKING: No overnight camping.
- Cars/Trucks: $10/day $25 for all weekend
- Campers/RVs: $50/day
Parking will be available to purchase at the Thursday Night Practice.

TENTS: We will have designated space for tents. You can also place a tent in your parking space as long as you do not block other spaces. Tents can be setup starting at 5:00 P.M. Thursday. No tents can be setup in the baseball outfield until Friday morning. We can remove any tents that are placed in restricted areas.

CONCESSIONS: We will have an extended concessions menu. The menu is posted on our website, Facebook page, and In the Mid-America Nationals event. Concessions is one of the only ways your local track makes money during a national. Please consider this as you are making your food choices.

EVENT INFO: The National events are 100% run by USA BMX. The track provides the facility and support. All registration, officiating, weather delays, etc. are handled by USA BMX. That said, Blue Springs BMX is committed to making your experience the best it can be. If there are any questions regarding our facility or if you need any assistance, please contact us!