Blue Springs BMX is open for pre-sign practice ONLY. DO NOT just show up.

You will receive an email from BSBMX Sign Up confirming your transaction. Make sure you get that email. That is your proof of registration.

***Notice our time slots have changed.  With school being back in session we are anticipating smaller numbers for practice night so we are going to try 2 practice slots.  

Slot 1 is 5:00PM-6:00PM.  This has been a great spot for our beginners so we want to continue to offer that option for people wanting to try it for the first time and those still trying to get comfortable on the track.

Slot 2 is 6:30-8:00PM.  We do have a limited number of spots for this slot but we feel pretty confident that we will be able to accommodate everyone who wants to practice.  If we find that it's not working that way we will split this back into 3 slots.

**The city of Blue Springs is requiring masks to be worn in city parks, which includes Blue Springs BMX. No mask, no entry into the BMX facility. Riders do not need a mask if they are wearing their helmets inside the fence.*** if you have any questions about the requirements please refer to the Jackson County Health Departments guidelines.…/uplo…/2020/06/recovery-plan_v7.5-1.pdf…***

MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. You must have a current USABMX membership. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

*** If you want to come out for the first time and do NOT have a membership please reach out to track and we can walk you thru the current options***


 --LIMIT ONE SESSION PER DAY/PER RIDER...In order to accommodate as many riders as possible, we are limiting you to a ONE session per day. IF something comes up and you can not attend your session please email so we can offer the spot to another rider. 

--ONE spectator per rider is allowed inside the fence and you will need to bring your own chair; the bleachers will be taped off.

--LOANER EQUIPMENT. Please reach out to the track via messenger if you have a new rider who does not have their own helmet or bike.

--CONCESSION is OPEN; limited selection of pre-packaged items; NO 

--Practice social distancing. We have plenty of space so don't be afraid to use it. Parents, please talk to your kids about leaving space between them and other riders in the staging areas.

--NO STOPPING on the track. Parents this is always in effect but please, please, please, especially with our new surface please talk to your rider. They should not be stopping anywhere on the track to hang out and chat with friends.

We will validate membership status before the session starts and reach out to you with any questions.


See you at the track!!