REMINDER—NEW for 2021!! Custom Missouri State Championship Number Plates and/or Window decals will be available for a limited time.
We are excited to partner with 2-Cycle Michael's to offer you the opportunity to order a custom 2021 Missouri State Championship number plate and/or window decal.
These will only be available on a pre-order basis for 2 weeks following the State Final. The deadline will be Sunday, September 26th.
Plates are available in Pro or Mini size
The window decal is one size (4"x2.5")
Green is for Novice/Intermediate
Blue is for Expert/Girl Expert/Cruiser/Girl Cruiser
If you want it shipped to your home address there is an $8 shipping charge, please be sure to include that when you select your items. Otherwise, we will work with one contact from Spokes and one from St. Peters/Sunset Hills to do a bulk shipment.
AFTER you enter the payment information but BEFORE you click Place Order look for + Add an order that and then add the rider's name as you want it to appear on the plate as well as the plate number that they earned. Add the home track so we send it with the right group. If you want it shipped to your house, add the address there as well.
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