Tuesday, October 19th PRACTICE; registration is open. https://www.usabmx.com/tracks/0844/events/schedule
5:30-6:30PM; ** $5; for new riders and novices who are not comfortable on the track just yet.
Online Registration is ENCOURAGED (see *** below). https://www.usabmx.com/tracks/0844/events/schedule
6:30-8:30 **OPEN PRACTICE** $5; Online Registration is ENCOURAGED (see *** below).
Balance Bikes—NOTE there is no practice charge for Balance Bike riders but they must have a membership ($30 annually) and you still have to register them for every event. The Balance Bike track is open 5:30-8:30. They will be allowed on the big track for 1-2 laps every 1/2 hour.
FOOD & DRINK***Concession will be open with the grill going.
MEMBERSHIP***A current membership is required. If you need to renew you can do that online at https://www.usabmx.com/#&slider1=1
TRY IT FREE***One-Day Trial Memberships are available for first time riders. This will give the rider a chance to try BMX. We strongly encourage you to come to our 5:30-6:30PM practice spot. We will have volunteers who can walk you thru the basics and get your rider on the track with a buddy. You will need to complete the online form for the date of the event that you will be attending. This is a FREE one-day trial offer. https://www.usabmx.com/trial It will automatically send a copy of the form to the track.
WHAT to WEAR***Long sleeves, long pants, closed-toed shoes, and helmets are required. We do have a limited supply of loaner helmets and bikes.
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