Our 2020 BMX season will be a year none of us will soon forget.
The arrival of the pandemic resulted in a very late start to a season we were not sure we could even have. Weekly the chance of being closed down was always just in the horizon as positive tests increased in local and surrounding communities.
We are grateful we were able to finish our season based on the changing of the weather rather than having an outbreak or being a hot spot for the virus.
We are sad everyone could not participate this season- we missed seeing all of you! Congratulations to all riders that moved up in proficiency. Welcome to all new riders. We are sad that events got cancelled - locally, state-wide and nationally.
We were thankful for the opportunity to host the events we could…..thankful we were trusted to operate under the guidelines…..thankful to be able to share our facility with riders who visited for the first time….thankful for the cooperation of all riders and their families with the rules, guidelines and different procedures.
A HUGE thank you also goes out to our Board of Directors and our Volunteers for handling the extra work and time that was needed for us to remain open. We truly appreciate all that you do!!!
We also wish to express our appreciation for the continued support of our Sponsors– for some it may not have been financially easy to do. Please show your support to them whenever you are able to.
Thank you again EVERYONE for helping make 2020 a ridable year. We are now in the process of preparing and planning for next year with our CWBMX Board and USABMX. We look forward to sharing our program and facility with you all again in 2021.
We pray that we will have a healthier and safer world to enjoy along with our racing. Amen!
Mark & Kris / Track Operators