With the excitement of a new season beginning, we want to express our gratitude to all the past rider support we have received  and hope all riders will continue to support us by "crediting:" their memberships to Central Wisconsin BMX Track #0862.  Whether you register on-line, at our track or at another facility - every rider has the ability to fill in on the membership form the track of their choice to credit their membership to.  The number of  memberships credited to a track is one of the factors in the process USABMX uses to determine the facility that will host the State Final Championship Race every year.   We ask riders to remember to complete and verify this section of their membership application.   If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at (715) 421-5421.

ANNOUNCMENT *****  We will be at the track on Saturday, May 3 for the New Rider Seminar and will be able to sign up new members and do renewals for anyone who is interested.   Registration window will be open at 11:30 am.   We are now able to take credit card and are offering Membership Packages, if interested.  If you renewed your membership on-line and are interested in a membership package, please stop by Registration anytime to check into it.  

NEW RIDER SEMINAR - SATURDAY, MAY 3  - Registration beginning at 12:30 pm with Seminar starting at 1pm.  

RACE - SUNDAY, MAY 4 - Registration 10:30 to Noon, Racing ASAP