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Stephanie Esquivel
JD Oliver

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GRANDS-The Greatest Race on Earth

Do you know why they call the USA BMX Grands “The Greatest Race on Earth?” Because year after year, the USA BMX Grand National delivers the best in BMX racing for the Na-tional No.1 Titles and is the largest BMX race in the sport.Yet, it’s not only the title chases that make this event so “Grand.” The USA BMX Grands is a true BMX spectacle. From the track to the gigantic vendor area and pits, no other BMX race compares. With the ROC well over 575 motos and Grands over 750, THAT is why they call it hte Greatest Race on Earth!!


PRACTICE: The only day to actually get on the track for practice is Thanksgiving day. Practice starts at 7am and runs until 10:05pm. Check the schedule for your practice time. It has become a tradtion for BMX familes to spend Thanksgiving day at the track. This is one part of BMX that is hard to get used to. Grand’s is always on Thanksgiving weekend… more family gatherings for Thanksgiving unless you can talk them all into coming with you to Grand's. We have to make the best of it. One year we booked a hotel with a kitchen and made our Thanksgiving dinner with BMX families from the track. There are various restaurants in the area offering Thanksgiving dinners, but plan ahead.

RACE OF CHAMPIONS: Friday consists of running the Race of Champions(ROC). To race in the ROC, you must have participated in at least 1 state qualifier or final, and they are in the top 10 of age and class. If so you will receive an invitation card in the mail to race in the ROC. Racing starts at 7:00am and will run ALL DAY. Fee is $80 ($50 if you stay at a USA BMX hotel), you will receive triple district points and first place receives a #1 ROC plate. ROC #1 PLATES: Will be given for Class, Open & Cruiser. If you are qualified for Class or Cruiser you must race the AGE YOU WERE at your USA BMX State Championship Final. LAST CHANCE GRANDS SIGN-UPS is from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Friday. Motos will be posted at 4:00pm on Thursday, the only time to make corrections will be fro 4-6pm Thursday. 

GRANDS: Grands race will begin on Saturday.Signs up fees are $100 ($80 if you stay at a USA BMX hotel). ONLY round 1 will be ran on Saturday. Sunday will conist of round 2 as well as additoinal qualifying rounds and mains and will not be over until late Sunday night. The Grand National is the finale of a year’s worth of national competition, and providesThe USA BMX staffers will be hard at work throughout the week to set up a massive bike lockup double national points on top of a rider’s six (6) best scores toward a national year-end ranking. This race also offers quadruple-district points and bonus points. Grands moto corrections are 7:30-8:30am Saturday only. Racing starts at 9:00am Saturday and 7:30am on Sunday.

Saturday Night, 6pm: USA BMX Pro Championship This is the biggest single night of racing in the USA BMX season! Period. On Saturday night - follow-ing the 1st round of Grands motos, will be the Pro Championship Finals and NAG-5 Challenge. You should have enough time to hustle back to the room and freshen up before seeing the big Pro show. NAG 5 Challenge: The NAG 5 Chal-lenge answers the question “Who is really the Fastest Amateur in the US? The top five National Age Group (NAG) Amateur boys (in 14 to 19-27) & girls (ages 14 to 17-20) will compete. We will know which boy and which girl amateur reigns supreme by the end of the night! Bigtime product prizes and bragging rights keep this group motivated, and the racing is fast and aggressive. You must buy a $10 ticket to watch this race, but it is definately worth it.

2016 Pro Titles: To be Decided Saturday Night Pros will qualify for the event dur-ing the 1st round motos of The Grands. The Vet Pro, Women Pro, and AA Pro titles will be decided and Champions will be crowned during the Saturday Night Show.

The Arena

Massive. Huge. Gigantic. Maybe even bigger than that. But not bor-ing. The River Spirit building is a quarter mile long, and packed full of plenty for you and the family. On the upper level, is the BM-Xpo with tons of vendors, bike lock up and games to keep the kiddies out of trouble. On the lower level, will be the site of one of the best Grands tracks in history -- a yearly tradition.


The  Grands track is always some-thing of legend as it is constructed with more dirt than any other track in the World. It has something for everyone and in the past few years has featured split sections, berm jumps and more!

Lock ‘em down... The most important tip: Bring a lock and cable and use it. Bikes are stolen every year at Grand's! Be sure to talk to your kids about this and make sure they are ALWAYS keeping an eye on their bike or locking it up. There will be fencing around the bleachers and it's easy enough to lock your bike to that. The USA BMX staffers will be hard at work throughout the week to set up a massive bike lockup. Vendors will have locks and cables for sale on site, but it'll be cheaper if you remember to bring one from home. . With no bikes being allowed in the seating area, bring the ol’ lock and cable to insure the safety of the ride.


Book your hotel now. It is Thanksgiving weekend, and there will be well over 700 moto’s at the Grand’s so the hotel’s book up fast! When calling hotel’s, always remember to ask if they have a BMX discount, most of them in the Tulsa area are familiar with the crowds that come in for Grand's and have discounts available for us. You will want to bring your bikes in with you to your hotel room, you don’t want to leave them in your vehicle or trailer. If you book at a USABMX hotel at, you will get $20 off your entry fees.

Presign, Pre sign,  Pre sign!

It’s a big race, and the registration line will run a mile long (not an exaggeration). If you want to stand in it, bring plenty of fluids and a good pair of sneakers ‘cause you’re going to need ‘em. Sound like fun? No? Tell you what, three words: Presign, Presign, Presign! Pre-registration for RACE OF CHAMPIONS and THE GRAND NATIONAL are being taken by mail, internet and phone. Save on entry fees by using Stay To Save. Pre-registration will close Monday, November 20, 2017, at 5:00 pm MST. If you do pre-sign...when you get there the ABA will have sheets of paper posted in front of their trailer with all the pre-signed riders on it. Be sure you check it and make sure you are on there.


You will spend a fair amount of time sitting in the bleachers during this event so bring something soft (stadium seats, blankets, etc) to sit on to make this a much more positive experience. Also note that in the "hundreds and hundreds" of motos, there's some down time before your moto comes up. A book to read, some music, whatever, but some form of entertainment will help the time pass. You'll also want to spend some time walking/looking around. You'll get to meet a ton of pros, see the new stuff coming out from the manufacturers, look for deals on new/used stuff for sale, see some old friends and make some new ones. The pro’s also usually do an autograph signing at the USABMX booth, they usually provide you with a blank ABA number plate or a poster to have all the pro’s sign it for you as a souvenir to take home.

Spending Money

USABMX has a booth set up with all USABMX merchandise. There are tons of venders in the building, tons of good deals on used BMX stuff. You might think about planning to bring a little extra cash just in case you find that deal of a lifetime.

Snacks Bring some!
There are food venders there but they aren’t cheap and this is a four day event. We usually take a backpack in with our snacks and have an ice chest in our vehicle to make sandwiches during the day.

The Hardware!
These are the biggest BMX trophies you will ever see! Hopefully you get to bring one home!

First timer's to race the Grand's
When moto's are posted, they take up an entire wall. Look for your moto, write it down or take a picture of it. If you have qualifying moto's that you've never had before (semi's or quarter main's), ask someone to help you figure it out. For those who have never been and those that are very young....the staging area can be very intimidating especially when you have never been to an event this large. Parent's you will want to help your rider through this process and make sure they get in their moto. They will call their moto and line them up in chutes. In years past I have brought an mp3 player that has a built in FM tuner, USABMX broadcasts the National on the radio and this can really help you to be able to hear what moto they are on, this is a huge building with a lot of noise going on and the last thing you want to do is lose track of what moto they are on and miss your moto.

The Grand National's is an experience you will never forget. Spend time with your family, cheer your racer on, visit the vendors and just hang out with friends and have a good time!

Camping only in RV lot. No dogs allowed in the building. No parking fee for cars.



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