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Emery Park BMX Map

2339 E MacArthur Rd
Wichita KS 67216
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Track Operator:
Darlene Killinger

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Top 10 List

Shoot out style races held to move up the top 10 list. To gain access to the list you must “Call Out” the #10 spot and beat them in a race to move onto the list. Once a rider has been called out, they have 5 days to respond or they lose the spot, once they have responded they have 2-3 events to have the race, if they can not show up within 3 events then they lose the spot. If a rider is being called out, then they cannot call out the rider ahead of them until they finish the current call out. One event must have passed before a rider that has lost their spot can call out the one ahead of them. If a rider is already in a call out, they can not be called out. The rider that is being called out gets to choose at what event the race will be held with leniency being given to nationals or other major events within a 12-hour google map driving area from the track. The rider being called out also gets the option to have first or second gate pick. A “list shake up” can be held where if the 4 riders connecting in the list (ex. Place’s 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th) agree to it, all 4 riders will race in one gate with the results of the race being the new order of the list, gates will be chosen in ascending order of the list. All USA BMX Sanctioning rules apply to these races in relation to race craft and behavior on the track.

Top 10 List
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