TB Awards 2/9/17
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Emery Park BMX Map

2339 E MacArthur Rd
Wichita KS 67216
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Track Operator:
Stephanie Esquivel
JD Oliver

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Track Rules

The payment and participation in any G.E.A.R., Inc. sponsored event constitutes the acceptance of the below rules. The following behavior constitutes immediate suspension of racing/and or attending any any events at Emery Park BMX. The G.E.A.R., Inc. Board as a whole will determine the length of suspension. A rider may be suspended for his/her actions or the actions of his/her parent(s), guardian(s), sponsor(s), pit crew or other affiliate.

  • EMERY PARK BMX HAS A NO TOLERANCE POLICY for disrespect of officials, board members, or volunteers. This includes Postings and verbal attacks via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc.
  • Violence or threats of violence – i.e.. fighting, throwing equipment (bicycles, helmets, ECT…), physical, verbal threats, or bullying.
  • Vandalism – defacing, damaging or destroying public or private property.
  • Stealing – track or personal property.
  • Verbal attacks – calm, controlled discussion is OK. Screaming, hollering, cursing or other inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. This includes G.E.A.R., Inc meetings.

The following behavior may constitute the disqualification for that day’s event. Continued violation of these rules and regulations could result in a rider being considered for suspension. The G.E.A.R., Inc. Board or Directors and Officers will review this suspension. A majority vote will be needed to enforce suspension. The length of suspension will be determined at the time of review.

  • No stopping on the track... Anywhere... Anytime...
    This is a hazard for other riders. The only exception to this rule will be during a supervised clinic.
  • Any disrespect to any G.E.A.R., Inc. Board of Director and Officer, volunteer or track official.
  • No cutting of the track. A rider must finish the track once your leave the starting hill. The only exception to this rule will be during a supervised clinic.
  • No riding of the track in a reverse layout.
  • Every rider and their equipment must meet all ABA regulations.
  • The track and starting gate will be considered closed during any break in racing, before the main event and immediately after each race, unless a G.E.A.R., Inc. sponsors a special event.
  • Parents or children to stay off fences, trees and back of berms.
  • Children or parents are not allowed to climb up into the flowerbeds onto the starting hill.
  • Parents and children to stay away from finish line area during race/ practice events.
  • Parents of rider’s 5 and under, need to hold your child in the gate then get off the hill ASAP.
  • NO Parents are allowed to go onto the track during an event, unless called by a track official.
  • Must have number plate with correct bike number as on motosheet’s.
  • Please keep clear of starting hill, finish line etc. so that volunteers can do their job. All participants will follow the American Bicycle Association rules and regulations. Please read ABA rule book, can ask for a copy in sign ups and also can be downloaded from
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