Welcome to the 2015 Spring National all of us at Duke City BMX are looking forward to having you attend this exciting event.  There are three days of exciting BMX racing coming on May 22 - 24.  We are so proud of our facility and our redesigned track so we hope everyone comes and has a great time. 

This year concessions for the national will be done by our all volunteer group.  We will have two concessions areas open and Yes We Will Have Breakfast Burritos at both.  The main concessions located in the northeast area of the building will have a FULL MENU including daily specials, hamburgers, chicken tenders, fries, hotdogs, and other full hot menu items.  We also have healthy options such as several types of salads, sandwiches, fruit, and such.  We also offer a wide variety of drinks including Coke, Smoothies and Slush Puppie. 

Stop and Go Concessions is located by the bathrooms on the southwest corner of the facility.  This is a quick stop for snacks, ice cream, drinks and food items such as salads, sandwiches, hotdogs, and nachos.  They will also have hot coffee and breakfast burritos every morning.  Stop by and see them for good food at reasonable prices.

Bathrooms, yes we do have real bathrooms at our facility.  We ask that everyone helps us to keep them clean for everyone to use.  If you notice a problem please let the Stop and Go Concessions people know so one of our volunteers can work on the issue.

Parking is located on the west end of our facility and is $10 per day.  Please enter off of Avenida Cesar Chavez and proceed up the hill to the parking area.  We will have volunteers in the parking area to assist you.  Please drive slowly and look out for kids on bike and walking.  All parking for this event is on the north side of Avenida Cesar Chavez at this time we do not have permission to use the parking lot that belongs to the university.  Quick reminder that there is no parking in the residential area, all parking on the street is permit only parking.

If you would like some additional practice time on the track we are holding a special practice on Thursday, May 21, 2015 from 6 pm to 8 pm, cost is $10 per rider.

Thank you for attending the Spring National we are so happy to have you here.