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Desoto BMX Map

Grimes Park 500 E. Centre Park Blvd
Desoto TX 75115
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Track Operator:
Rich Backer
[email protected]
[email protected]

Cole Fisher
Rob Drolet
Casey Allen
Benny Wright

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Coaching Information

Coaching in BMX

Just like you wouldn't sign up for a basketball team that didn't have a coach or send your child up a big lift at a ski resort without first stopping at ski school, why would you start racing BMX without proper guidance or instruction.  At first glance, riding and racing on a BMX Track can be an intimidating concept.  Don't worry, we have you covered.  From your first time standing up on your pedals, to your first trophy, a USA BMX Licensed Coach can be there to guide you.  Be sure to ask your local track when coaching is available.


Who is a USA BMX Licensed Coach?

It is our goal that parents are comfortable and confident in our coaches character and ability to coach their children and look out for their well-being.  All USA BMX Coaches have met the following requirements.

  • Receive a Character Reference from a Track Operator, known as the Track Operator Letter of Recommendation

  • Be certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid and CPR

  • Pass a Background Check

  • Take the USA BMX Certification Course that covers all aspects of BMX training from Apples (Nutrition) to Z (Finish Line)

  • Achieve an 80% or better score on the licensing exam.

  • Both our coaches are USA BMX Certified and Licensed!