DeSoto BMX will implement a variety of procedures to promote social distancing and keep common areas sanitized.  The facility will have a staff volunteer onsite during race nights dedicated to ensuring attendees are practicing social distancing protocols. The following protocols will be in effect until further direction is given by the local jurisdiction.  Protocols may be further enhanced to ensure the safety of the public and volunteers.


General Precautionary Measures

Desoto BMX will be implementing several precautionary measures based on the recommendations of the WHO, CDC, state, county and local authorities.  

  • Social Distancing Measures: In addition to limiting the number of spectators congregating around the field of play, the facility will have ample signage promoting social distancing. 
  • Disinfecting Procedures, Hand washing & Sanitizing:  Rigorous cleaning and sanitation measures will be implemented to promote a clean and healthy environment.  Additionally, we will encourage additional hand washing with our permanent restrooms on-site, which will be serviced and disinfected prior to every event.  Hand Sanitizer is located in the restrooms, at the sign up booth, and the finish line.  An additional hand sanitizing station is located outside of the sign up booth on a designated table.
  • Event Staff PPE:  All event staff will be provided with face coverings and gloves.  Wipes are available for use.
  • Face Coverings: All participants, spectators, staff and volunteers are required to wear face coverings at all times.  All riders will wear their helmet at all times while at the starting gate or starting hill.  Participants are encouraged to remain in their pit area, at their car, or social distance in the bleachers. Exception: Riders are not required to wear face coverings in addition to helmet while participating in a race.


Sport Specific Precautionary Measures

Desoto BMX has identified aspects of the event that need a more structured social distancing plan.  This list represents best practices and is meant to serve as a guideline.  We will make changes if necessary to ensure for the safety and well being of our riders and spectators.

  • Contactless Registration: To limit the interaction, Desoto BMX will offer and encourage cashless, contactless transactions utilizing the Square cash transfer app with online web access prior to the race event.  This will nearly eliminate interaction for registration.
  • Customer Service:  We recognize that there will be times when attendees need to communicate to staff.  Therefore, we have designated an area near the sign-up booth window separated by a  6-ft. table to ensure proper social distancing. Furthermore, as more than one attendee may be in line for customer service, social distancing signage will be affixed to the ground, clearly labeling an excess of 6 feet between attendees.
  • Moto Sheet:  Moto Sheets outline the day's events and inform the participants of their groupings.  Moto sheets will be posted online or with only one moto per sheet spread out on the moto board.
  • Staging:  Prior to each race, riders must gather in the staging area to assemble into their proper age group.  To increase the distance between riders and minimize contact, we will reduce staging to 50 percent capacity.  Additionally, we will eliminate parents from this area and only allow for the assistance of riders under the age of 8.  All parents/guardians will wear a face covering in the staging area or on the starting hill.
  • Awards:  We will ask that once the racer has collected their award, they exit the facility as expeditiously as possible.
  • Social media: Precautions will be posted on-site and via social media platforms.  All participants are considered at risk when participating in events involving persons age 65& over.


*All guidelines are in line with those set forth by the CDC regarding youth and adult recreational sports.