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Track Operator:
Corey Shepard
(785) 817-3706
Crystal Shepard
(785) 817-4188
[email protected]

Michael Brent
Brian Tabor
Alexa Gaither

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Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes will be posted after they have been approved by the board at the following meeting. 


Date: May 11, 2021

Time/Location: 6:00 pm @ Johnny’s Tavern

Members Present: Corey Shepard-Track Operator/President, Erinn Howard-Vice-President/Treasurer, Julie Phillips-Secretary, Loren Snell-Co-Track Foreman, Gavin Steinhoff-Co-Track Foremen, Jess Lower-Trustee

Others Present: Brian Tabor-Track Coach, Head of OG Race

  1. Discussion of new by-laws
    1. Under new format, TO would not be the track president and would only vote in the event of a tie. Other positions would be:
      1. Assistant TO would be the President
      2. VP/Treasurer would be Treasurer
      3. Secretary, Foreman, and Trustee stay the same
      4. New position added: Fundraising/Sponsorships
    2. Board will vote to approve by-laws at June 1st meeting. Send feedback to Loren by May 28th.
    3. Track membership must approve the new by-laws with a majority vote.
      1. Track meeting needs to be scheduled – Corey said he would talk to Crestview Community Center about using the meeting room
      2. Track will need to vote on new board positions
        1. Fundraising/Sponsorships
        2. President?
  2. Committees/Volunteers
    1. Jess is chair of all committees unless she designates another chair
    2. Possible committees:
      1. Fundraising
      2. Track Maintenance
      3. Race Day/Concessions?
    3. Volunteer Recruitment
      1. Committees and race day volunteers – how to get more involvement
      2. Brian offered to host free volunteer clinic
  3. Novice Series
    1. Starts June 2nd and will run every other week.
    2. Final on August 28th
  4. Track needs/maintenance
    1. Limestone dust – Brian getting quote, Marty Grist is willing to till in it
    2. Corners – paving quote: over $11,000, does not include asphalt
    3. Straight one drainage is an issue
    4. Move up awards – Corey would to use the Park City style awards
    5. Needs:
      1. Fridge
      2. Straw bales – Erinn will get bails, Loren and Corey will pick up
      3. Chalk? – Gavin will check on this
  5. Other items
    1. Striders will run after first round going forward
      1. They will run 3rd straight to finish, back to second turn, then back to the finish.
      2. Corey looking into getting foot drop fixed to use strider gate
      3. We need to remember to have trophies and suckers ready at the finish for the striders
      4. We need to recruit striders
    2. Catalina scheduled for Saturday August 21st
    3. Racing moves to Wednesday on June 2nd then back to Saturdays on August 7th
    4. Add foot down competition to practice – keep track of winners for a season title/prize
    5. Walkies will go to TO/head tack official, scoring, announcer, staging, medical (Erinn), and tickets during races
    6. Austin Charity is allowed to return to the track on June 1st per USA BMX
    7. Corey is the only person to communicate with USA BMX
      1. If you have questions/concerns, you must go through Corey
    8. Board meetings will be held monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM at Johnny’s Tavern.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 – 6:00 pm at Johnny’s Tavern