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Getting Started in BMX (FAQ)

Below we will try to respond to some common questions about getting started in BMX


Are there any age restrictions?

No, any age rider can ride and race BMX. We have children on balance bikes (no pedals) as young as 2 riding each week and offer balance bike racing during our normal weekly races. At the other end of the spectrum, we have riders as old as 75 who come out and race with us. Children, parents, grandparents are all welcome to race BMX, there is a class for everyone!


Is the track open all the time?

Unfortunately no. We lease this land from the City of Raleigh, and per our agreement with them, the track must be operated during posted times only with approved board members on site to oversee the operation. Track dates/times are posted on the Schedule page, as well as on Facebook. There are several BMX tracks in North Carolina and surrounding states as well - we strongly encourage you to visit some of our sister tracks and see all that BMX has to offer.


How do I know if my son or daughter is ready?

There's no one size fits all answer to this one, but in general, if your son/daughter is able to ride their bike over uneven ground (like your lawn or on a trail in the woods) AND can stand up while pedaling, they are probably ready. Standing up is important because the BMX track is covered with obstacles ("jumps") that are difficult to get over while sitting down. For the most part, we don't sit down at all during a BMX race - riders stand and pedal the entire length of the track (approx 1000'). The very best way to find out if your child is ready is to come out to a practice and ask the CCBMX volunteers to have a rider escort your child around the track. We'll pair your child up with an older rider who can guide them around the track and help you assess their readiness. New Rider Clinics are also offered throughout the year at CCBMX - these are the PERFECT time to bring your child out as they will receive 1 on 1 instruction from a seasoned BMX rider.


Do they need special equipment to ride?

Long pants and a long sleeve shirt are required - knee and elbow pads are recommended. A helmet is always required and we recommend a full-face helmet.  You can ride your own bike but it must have reflectors, chain guards, and pegs (if equipped) removed before riding on the track. Mountain bikes are okay to ride on the track as well. We also have several race-ready bikes that you can rent for $5 - several sizes from micros for the 5-and-under crowd all the way up to cruisers (24" wheel) for moms and dads.


What does it cost?

  • Practice: $5
  • Racing: $10
  • Bike rentals: $5
  • Helmet rentals: Free of Charge
  • One-day Membership: Free (can only be used once)
  • 1 Year Membership: $80 (reduced fees for each additional family member) 


Do you accept credit/debit cards at the track?

Yes, for RACES only. Practice is cash payment only.


Do you offer instruction / training?

Yes!  We offer New Rider Clinics each month at CCBMX where all riders who are brand new to BMX can come out and learn how to ride on the track. We cover basic bike safety, safety equipment, bike handling skills, and most importantly, how to navigate around the BMX track safely. See the CCBMX Schedule page for New Rider Clinics coming up.


Can I ride with my son/daughter on the track?

Absolutely! Ride with them or run beside them if they are brand new! We'll help you get started and make sure your rider is safe and comfortable their first time on the track. Just come see us in the Registration Office beforehand and we'll have a volunteer work with you to get started!


Can my child use their own bike or do they have to use a special bike?

You can ride your own bike but it must have reflectors, chain guards, and pegs (if equipped) removed before riding on the track. Mountain bikes are okay to ride on the track as well. At the end of the day, we want your rider to feel comfortable on the track, riding a weird bike on a BMX track can be too much for some kids, play it safe and bring their bike. If they want to try one of our rental bikes, just let us know and we'll help you find the right size.


How can I stay informed with what's going on at the track?

Facebook - we keep the page updated with all of the current events. Leave a comment or send us a message if you have any questions.  Late-breaking announcements or rain-outs will always be posted to Facebook first.


Can I help out?

Absolutely! We are 100% volunteer run at CCBMX. There are no paid staff whatsoever. If you'd like to help out and join the best team in BMX, just let us know: send us a Facebook message or find us at the track on one of our open practice or race days.  We could always use some extra hands helping out and there are a wide variety of jobs available.