We all love having concessions during race days but it doesn't run itself! If everyone took just a little time during race days to help  it would be GREATLY appreciated. Just pop in and ask "how can I help!?"
ALSO....Saver Stamps & Trophy Trade
Tired of dusting trophies in your son or daughter's room? Did you know that Saver Stamps are worth money at local bike shops like Coastal Bike Supply and MAD Cycles in Burlington? If you start collecting saver stamps after each race, that new helmet or uniform at the end of the year could be free! What better reward is there for doing well than new BMX gear?! It's almost like being a pro - getting paid (in stamps) for racing. The next time you head up to the Registration Office to collect your trophy, ask for Stamps instead. 
Do you have a closet full of trophies from last year? Did you know that if you bring in 10 trophies you will get a FREE RACE? Get rid of some clutter and race for free, what could be better than that?? All we ask is that the trophies are current (less than 5 years old) and in good condition.