Everyone meet Brandon!

Brandon has raced all over the country and all over Texas and Lone Star BMX is the only track without a permanent hard surface.

Brandon wants an “A+” track in San Antonio so we can draw big crowds from all over Texas and the South Central region and to make LoneStar BMX a track people from all over talk about and want to come to for quality racing...Brandon’s goal is to get a full rack of 11 intermediates racing this year!

Brandon wants to be the best so he trains weekly with the best, his BMX coach, and LSBMX track operator,Tanner Sebesta


We challenge you today to create a page and be a part of changing the game for our BMX youth like Brandon.
We always want our riders to be growing and to be excited about their local track, let’s do our part to help them reach their goals!


To donate directly to Brandon’s campaign page click here: