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Opening Guidelines

2020 BMX Race Season- COVID -19 Changes

Below are the following changes for the start of our 2020 race season.  These changes are in effect and guided by directives set forth by USA BMX as well as the North Dakota Guidelines per the CDC.


  • Registration will take place online only using sign up genius.  A link will be provided on our Facebook page as well as our website in the upcoming weeks.  You will need to sign up to race and/or practice this way.  The link will be open starting at 7:00 am the day of racing/practice. This link will close by 5:00 pm with no exceptions,

  • Punch cards will not be offered at this point in time.  We plan to integrate punch cards back into our system once we get up and running. 

  • Only new members will check in at registration. Between 6:00-6:30. 

  • All renewals must be completed online.  To renew your membership go to USA BMX to complete this process. Here is the link  select renew now. 

  • Number plates and numbers will not be available unless you are a new rider. Please come prepared with your bike number.  This should match the number you registered online or you may be disqualified per USA BMX rules and regulations.

Race Nights:

  • We will race Tuesday and Thursday nights. Racing will begin at 7:00 PM.  

  • At the start of the season we will not be able to provide loaner bikes and helmets. We hope to get back to using them as the season progresses. Please bring the bike you have!

  • Practice prior to racing will be timed based on age level. 

    • 8 and under     6:00-6:10

    • 9-12                 6:10-6:20 

    • 13 +                 6:20-6:30

    • 8 and under     6:30-6:40

    • 9-12                 6:40-6:50

    • 13 +                 6:50-7:00

    • Strider              7:00 

  • When we race we will stage 5 motos at a time.  

  • We will need all riders attentive and listening for their motos to be called.  

  • There will not be a parade lap this season. 

  • Motos will be posted live on our website, using “live” motos format. 

Practice Night: 

  • Practice nights will take place on Monday evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

  • Riders will sign up and pay to practice using the sign up genius link. This link will open the day of practice starting at 7:00 am.  It will close at 5:00 pm.

  • Registration will only be open to NEW riders coming to the track for the first time.

  • Each rider may register for 1 practice time per night.

  • Once you are done practicing you will need to leave to the track. 

  • We will have 16 practice slots available for a 1 hour period each. This totals 32 riders practicing in an evening.  If we experience higher numbers we will adjust to accommodate the number of riders wanting to practice. 


  • We will not be doing any award presentations at this point in time. 

  • Riders will be handed medals as they exit the track following their main event race. 

  • Upon completion of racing, riders and their family can choose to leave the track or respectfully watch other races finish.  Maintaining social distancing protocols will be required.

Expectation of Racers:

  • It is important that racers remain with their family at all times, unless staging/racing.

  • Only 5 motos will stage at a time to prevent a very large group from gathering at the bottom of the start hill.  Parents/guardians/racers, please be listening for the announcer to call your rider’s moto number to staging.

  • Racers (and everyone) are expected to be respectful of peoples’ desires to maintain social distancing and any use of face coverings, anywhere at the track, including staging.

  • Horseplay/harassment that violates peoples’ personal space and desires to socially distance will not be tolerated and will be subject to warnings from track officials and possibly exclusion from racing.

  • We encourage parents to work with their child so they understand the need to stage in the designated areas and distance from others during race nights. 


  • Family members are encouraged to sit together, however please leave 6ft between familial groups per CDC guidelines. 

  • We ask that all members remember to be considerate of all spectators' needs. 

  • We encourage the use of lawn chairs to space out for seating between watching your racer race. 

  • We are allowing spectators to walk up to the fence to watch their rider race, however, we ask that upon completion of the race you move back to make room for others who would like to watch their rider. 


  • Concessions will remain closed at this point in time.  Please come prepared with cold beverages (non alcoholic) and snacks.

  • Please contact us if you are interested or know anyone who would be. 

We appreciate your support with these guidelines and rules. Please know that these changes are not permanent and that we plan to adjust these things as we are able.  It may feel awkward at first and may not be the desired mode of operation but let’s all be thankful that we are at least able to race, even if we must start doing so under some restrictions.  Perhaps we’ll learn some things through this process that will permanently improve the whole experience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out at any point in time. 




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