1. Entry fees are $12 per class 
  2. When registering go to stmabmx.square.site and select the Wednesday night racing option.  Please provide your rider’s name, member number, class, bike number and plate type(district, State, Gold Cup, NAG, etc.) that is on their bike.   
  3. Online registration will be open until Wednesday at noon.  Remember this is an online preregistration event only, you will NOT be able to register at the track. 
  4. Live motos will be posted on stmabmx.com by Wednesday at 3pm. Any needed corrections should be messaged to our Facebook page or texted to 763-645-0220.
  5. If we have more than 50 riders we will have to do a 2 block race. We will let you know once final motos are posted if we are running 1 or 2 block racing.  
  6. If we run a 1 block race we will have practice from 6-7 with race starting shortly after 7pm.   
  7. If we have a 2 block race the first block will practice from 6-6:30pm with racing to follow.  The second block will have practice from 7:30-8pm with racing to follow.   
  8. If we end up running block style racing please do not come to the track until right before your scheduled block as we are limited by the city on the amount of people we can have on our grounds at this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.   
  9. Each rider can have 1 support person with them, we are not allowed to have any other spectators on site at this time.  At this point only riders and volunteers are allowed inside the fenced area with the exception of balance bike riders and young riders that need help in the gate. 
  10. At this time there is no rental bikes or loaner helmets. 
  11. We are not allowed to sell concessions, so please plan accordingly with the hot weather and bring plenty of beverages and snacks for your riders.   
  12. Currently the majority of our bleachers and picnic tables have been removed, so please bring a chair and remember to socially distance yourself from others.  Please also bring your rider to the track dressed and ready to go or have them change in the car and leave gear bags, etc. in your vehicle so they are not laying around the track grounds. 
  13. You will need to have a current USABMX membership at the time of registration.  If your membership is not current, you will not be allowed to race.  We cannot renew or complete any new applications in person at the track, you can go to usabmx.com to renew or complete a new application. 
  14. Helmets must be worn at all times in the staging and gate areas. 
  15. Staging looks different right now as we are only utilizing every other moto shoot (2,4,6,8), so for instance if you have gate 1 or 2 for your race please stage in shoot 2, if you have gate 3 or 4 please stage in gate 4, etc.) 

We know these are a lot of rules and guidelines to follow but we hope you can still come out and enjoy yourselves.  Let’s race and have some fun!  Riders Ready?