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Sand Springs BMX Map

2600 S River City Park Rd
Sand Springs OK 74063
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Track Operator:
Fred Nelson
[email protected]

Jeffrey Jones

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How to Start:
Check your local track's website for the schedule of race times and practice times,

Once you have a day picked out you would like to come down,

##Make sure you show up 30 minutes to an hour early.

If you need to rent a helmet or a bike, they will also be the one who will rent that to you!

What you will need to start:
Most racers start with their 20-inch wheel bike. But-

If you have a bike with larger wheels that is perfectly okay!

(if you don't know what size your wheels are, there is no need to measure them.) 

As soon as you get to the track someone will tell you what your wheel size is

Because it couldn't be easier than now to race! Plus your first time is on us!

Here's all you need to do before you come to the track!

You need to remove the chain guard, kick stand, reflectors and pegs if they are on your bike.

*If you need help there is someone at the track that can remove that gear safely and correctly for you.

For your first time, you will recieve a free one-day membership. You can use your free one-day membership at a race or a practice. 

Here is what is going to happen when you come to the track,
For your first time, you will race in the novice class--

Which will allow you to race with any bike and other people who are also new.

You will check-in with the clerk to recieve your membership

How much does it cost?

Once you have become an USA BMX member the only cost will be the race day entry fee.

The entry fee entitles you to be a participant in the day's actions.

A typical BMX race includes 2 or 3 qualifying motos along with the main event. In the main event, you race for awards (stamps, trophy or ribbon), determined by your finish, along with the precious District points.

Most races at Sand Springs BMX $10, balance bike races are $5.

New riders at Sand Springs BMX who purchase of full membership will receive their first race free.

Required Apparel and Equipment

  • ALL riders must wear helmets with a permanent strap attached-- snaps are not allowed.
  • ALL Helmets must have sufficient padding and be of good quality. (USA BMX highly recommends a full-face helmet -OR- a helmet that covers the ears.) 
  • Loaner Helmets are avalible at the sign-up register.
  • All riders must wear enclosed shoes, which protect your rider's feet. (No open toed/back shoes will be allowed)
  • All riders must wear long pants (waist to ankles) or knee length shorts, with shin and knee pads on.
  • It is recommended that riders wear long sleeved shirts. However, you can wear short sleeve shirts and elbow pads if that's what you would like to do.
  • It is recommended that riders wear gloves.
  • Handlebar grips are required and must cover the entire handle. No holes or exposed metal
  • All kickstands, chain guards, fenders and reflector brackets must be removed
  • No bicycle with any freestyle type pegs will be allowed on the track at any time
  • ALL bikes must have working brakes

All equipment must be safe and in good condition in order to compete or practice

Tips for parents of new riders:
If you have a younger child, try to get them up on the gate for the 1st time with other
riders their age and size. The gate can be intimidating for the younger riders, but
being up there with riders their size seems to help ease them into it.

Please feel free to ask anyone out at the track if you have questions. You will find that
most everyone will be very helpful in making sure you and your child have a great time
at the track.