Here at Sand Springs BMX our club is 100% volunteer ran.  No one gets paid to do what they do or be there at any time.  Most if not all volunteers have full time jobs on top of the countless hours they put in at the track.  Yes this includes your track operator. 

So a huge THANK - YOU to each and everyone of you who helped out some how some way over the race season.  Especially over the last 2 weeks getting our track ready and for working that amazing Pre - Grands race.  We had 241 riders and 55 motos and believe it or not we were done racing in 3 hours.

Also we sold 50/50 tickets at the Grands and raised close to $2,000.00 for our track.  Great job everybody.  That would have not been possible without you. 

This season is coming to an end and there will be a new season start soon.  Please look at the time you can set aside to help out during our next racing season and jump in and learn new things.  Training will be provided. 

Thank you again.