Hello this is Ginger Hagar, your track operators wife.  I am writing this to answer several questions that have been circling.  First let me say thank you to each and every one of you.  We have been involved with Sand Springs BMX for 6 years now and it is truly a FAMILY.  So with that being said I am reaching out to my BMX family for understanding and strength.

Many of you know that Ron is very dedicated to this track and to the experience the riders have at this track.  Unfortunatly it is very difficult to do on his own.  Over the past two years as track operator we as a family have sacrificed a lot, blood, sweat and tears. He sometimes pushes himself way to far.  In fact he has had 5 heat strokes in the past 3 years.

In September of 2017 we were in Kansas City at a race, of course it was extremely hot.  We decided as a family not to participate in Sundays events and spend it at Oceans of Fun in the cool water and relax a bit.  As we were peparing to leave Ron had a full blown stroke!  I did not fully understand the extent of the damage until we were at the hospital and the Doctor informed me that he really should not be here.  He slowly recovered and we have watched him very closely, making sure he does not get to hot, or over exert himself.  On Christmas of this year thintgs changed.  He went to the doctor and several tests were ran for ALS, Parkinsons and other neurological issues.  After 6 weeks of waiting on results they came back inconclusive.  More tests, MRI, Pet scans, CAT scans and more.  He has now been diagnosed with stage 2 Parkinsons disease.

I wanted to take the time and explain what has been going on in case anyone had any questions and ask for help with the track.  Our track is 100% volunteer ran.  Ron does not get paid to be track operator and he puts several hours in at the track to make sure everything is exactly how he wants it.  Perfect for the riders.  He takes so much pride in this track it is crazy.  So please, step up and volunteer.  With this diagnosis I am not sure how long he will be able to continue but I do know that wilth help it could be a long time. Most of all volunteer for your racers. Please feel free to contact me in the sign up window or Ron and ask what you can do.  We will train you on anything.

Thank you for your time.  If you have any questons or concerns please do not hesitate to come to us.


Ginger Hagar