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2600 S River City Park Rd
Sand Springs OK 74063
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Track Operator:
Fred Nelson
[email protected]

Jeffrey Jones

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Sand Springs BMX News

  • Work Night

    Tonight!!! We will be having a work night weather permitting.  This is to help prepare the track and get it race ready for a possible make up race on Friday.  6-?? Looking forward to seeing several people tonight.

  • State Final

    Our state final is getting closer. We will race Friday August 25th - single points race. Saturday August 26th - double points race SUNDAY August 27th - Triple points race. Plan on a work evening prior to these dates to be announced. We will also need several volunteers for the weekend. You can sign up for your spot at the sign up window. Help us make this final Awesome.

  • August Racing

    We will continue the Tuesday only racing through the month of August. Sign ups 6:30 -7:30. Track prep will start at 6:00 and riders can ride the track ONCE prep is over. We understand this prep may take practice time, however due to previous events we need volunteers to help get this done.

  • Attention, Attention

    Hello. Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers that came out and helped during our 3 days of racing last weekend.  We could not have done it without you.  We have had very positive feed back about the track and our people.  Please be aware that for the month of July we will no longer be racing on the weekends.  We will move our race nights to Tuesday and practices on Thursdays.  This is to avoid the heat issues and hopefully get those riders out that usually c...

  • Volunteers Needed

    VOLUNTEER:  A person who performs a service willingly and without pay.  A person who voluntatily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.  This is the definition from the dictonary that describes exactly what it takes to run our track.  With that being said we have several opportunites for you to step up and jump in.  Here at Sand Springs BMX we are a non -profit organization that depends 100% on our volunteers.  Without them we would not be ab...

  • Olympic Day NOTICE!!

    Our Olympic Day race is Sunday June 25th. Sign up between 2 and 3 pm. This is a free event. Certificates will be given. Come out and try this amazing Olympic sport.

  • 600 point weekend

    Hello Racers and fans We have two big races coming up Saturday July1 State Qualifier sign ups 10:30 -12:00 p.m.; $25 and Sunday July 2 Gold Cup Qualifier, sign ups 10:30- 12:00, $35. We need your help to make these happen.We need volunteers to fill the remaining spots of corner workers, set up, tear down, scoring and concession. As the BMX headquarters prepares to move to Tulsa, this is an opportunity to show off our facility and our program; In addition, in the upcoming races, we w...

  • Clinic tonight with Richie Anderson

    This is a clinic for the intermediate or more advanced rider.  You are encouraged to have at least 5 races prior to attending.  Cost is $35 a rider. Tonight Monday June 12, from 6 p.m. -9 p.m. Space is limited. Look forward to seeing you there.

  • Heat Warnings

    Welcome to summer!  Thank you all for coming out and supporting our track.  As we all know the summers in Oklahoma can be brutal, with that being said we will have some race dates that will be cancelled due to excessive heat.  This is for the safety of our riders and family.  The rule is that if the Heat Index is over 100 at the time of races we will not be racing.  We will do our best to have make up races during practice nights or other times that may be cooler. Tha...

  • No Racing on Easter Sunday

    We will be Racing Friday April 14th.  Sign ups 6:30- 7:30.  $10 racing for stamp or trophies. Double class for $15 unless you want two awards then $20.  $5 Practice.  ►NO RACING ON EASTER SUNDAY 4/16/2017.