Expression of Interest


This is a request for all Coal Hills members to inform the executive of your interests and concerns for next year’s BMX season. There are a number of positions on our executive, as well as many other supportive roles. We encourage all families to support and contribute to the program in the best way that fits them. That is why we are asking for all members to share with us their interest in how to support and continue to grow our BMX track.


Board of Directors - General Responsibilities

  • Board members have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the association in line with our statement and vision

  • The Board is responsible for effective management of the society including but not limited to strategy, finances, and operations

  • Board members are required to stay current with the major issues of the association and attend at least 75% of scheduled Board meetings

  • Board members are expected to be responsive to communications.

  • Board members are expected to engage and develop a committee of volunteers to assist in fulfilling their responsibilities.

  • Board members have to be at least 18 years of age

  • Board members cannot have been found by any court to be:  incapable of managing their own affairs, be an undischarged bankrupt or be convicted of an offense in connection with promotion, formation or management of a corporation or unincorporated entity, or of an offense involving fraud.


President (2 year term) - Current - Graham Smith (open position)

  • Acts as Chair of all meetings of the society or may delegate the role of Chair to another director

  • Supervises the directors, members and volunteers execution of their duties

  • Maintains and enhances relationships with other organizations ( government, community, industry, etc.)

  • Acts as a resource to other directors

  • Is an authorized signatory on the Society bank accounts

  • Prepares annual BC Society report and ensures the organization remains in good standing or delegates to another director.  

  • Organizes and follows through with Sponsorship for the club.

  • Prepares monthly meeting agendas.

  • Ensures that volunteers and members receive recognition.

  • Acquires all permits needed for the season.

Vice President (2 year term) - Current - Jason Kerluck (open position)

  • Assist the President with regular duties.

  • Takes on the role of president in their absence.

Treasurer (2 year term) - Current - Robert Purdy (has one year remaining)

  • Records and reports on the overall financial position of the society, including record keeping consistent with the Societies Act, regulations and good management principles

  • Prepares and presents financial statements

  • Oversees the budget process of the association

  • Disburses all payments in a timely fashion. Is an authorized signatory on the Society bank accounts

  • Ensures that all necessary paperwork & fee payment is completed.

Secretary (2 year term) - Current - Tara Bursey (open position)

  • Acts as the official record keeper of the organization.

  • Supervises and administers the organization's electronic files, as well as paper files.

  • Checks the mailbox and reports on organizational correspondence.

  • Taking notes during meetings and distributing minutes back to executives in a timely fashion.  

Track Director (2 year term) - Appointed - Alex Wilcox - (open position)


  • Ensures that the Coal Hills track is maintained to standards that offer a safe race environment for the community and our ridership.  

  • Oversees major track builds and coordinates necessary equipment, materials and work parties needed to complete the jobs.  

  • Schedules, plans, and executes track clean-ups when necessary throughout the season.

Director of Rider Representation (2 year term)  Rider Rep

  1. Current - Eric Kerpiela - (open position) 

  2. Current - Vacant - (open position)

  • Is responsible for bringing the concerns of the riders to the Executive Members.

  • Be a liaison person between the ridership and the association. 

  • Assist in organizing rider clinics with communication with other Executive Members.

  • Have or be willing to obtain Coaching License

Director of Races (2 year term) - Current - Rene Larson - (open position)

This position was called Executive Member and will change to Director of Races

  • Schedules the yearly races and practices and any other special events

  • Ensures all race correspondence is sent into ABA BMX in a timely manner.  

  • Coordinates a team for registration and executes the jobs to run a race.  

  • Identifies sponsorship needs for specific races and works with the appropriate board directors to execute.

  • Identifies any information needed to update the Coal Hills Square site.

  • Coordinates volunteer efforts for practices and races.

  • Identifies what awards are needed throughout the year and coordinates with the Awards Coordinator. .  

  • Responsible for updating Race Manager yearly and weekly.


NEW DIRECTOR POSITIONS (These positions will need to be voted into the bylaws at the AGM before they become open position) 

Director of Communication / Media / Website / Marketing (2 year term)

  • Oversees the marketing and communications strategy and tactics of the organization.

  • Prints any communication, marketing, posters needed throughout the season. 

  • Designs and produces all marketing collateral for events, races,. etc

  • Produces a monthly newsletter to engage members in all ongoing business.

  • Manages content for all social media sites and monitors the level of active engagement with the community.

  • Works with the Directors of Races to ensure all events are covered (photos, materials) and shared through the website and social media.

  • Oversees all signage for the track

  • Oversees Jersey orders

  • Oversees Coal Hills online shop

Assistant Track Director (2 year term)

  • Assists with the ongoing maintenance of the track and club facilities in accordance with the Track Director

  • Facilitate set-up and tear down for race and practice days and if not in attendance of these will insure the duties are covered by other volunteers.  

  • Ensure that there are enough assistant track officials to safely run every practice and race. 

  • Ensure assistant track officials have a fair knowledge of the area they are officiating.


APPOINTED Non-Voting positions (1 year term)

Awards Coordinator

  • Responsible for ordering and ensuring sufficient stock of weekly awards (stickers, trophies, saver stamps etc.).

  • Research and price award ideas for all extra functions and year end awards.

  • Assisting with the distribution of awards on a weekly basis, and presentation as needed. 

  • Tracking and recording rider points from all local events to determine year end standings of each rider.

  • Works with the Director of Races to ensure all awards are covered for special races as well ensures rider move ups are being acknowledged.  

  • Coordinates year end awards through consultation with executive members.

Concession Coordinator - Amber Wilcox (will stay on for another year)

  • Organizes the operation of the concession.

  • Communication with other members to ensure there are people to operate the concession.

  • Stocks the concession.

  • Cleans all equipment to proper cooking standards.  

  • All monies going in and out are properly recorded and submitted accurately and properly.  

First Aid Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

Bike Maintenance

  • Ensuring our loaner bikes are fit to be used by riders who don’t have a bike

  • Create and communicate a system for sign out and returning of track loaner bikes.



  • Ensuring supplies are ordered and bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper, paper towel, soap, and cleaning supplies

  • Organize a routine for washrooms to be checked and cleaned regularly



  • Communicate with executives,and organize recognition/thank you item/letter for each sponsor



  • Organizing an annual grant application to fund items set out in the annual budget.


Track Preparation (this is a multiple families position)

  • Preparing the track for practices and races. This includes watering, blowing, setting up speakers, lights, cones, gate ect… 

  • Being committed to ensure all positions are filled by Coal Hills members and that they know the procedures and expectations.


Track Officials (multiply positions)

  • Being present at practices and races to fill the following roles: first aid, corner worker, gate operator, finish line people, staging person(s), 30 foot/last straight official

  • Being committed to ensure all positions are filled by Coal Hills members and that they know the procedures and expectations.


Current positions that will be voted on this year within the COAL HILLS BMX Association:


Vice President


Track Director

Director of Races

Rider Rep positions 1 & 2


Additional Positions that will be voted in and than voted on:

Director of Communication / Media / Website / Marketing & Assistant Track Director

All of the positions are two year terms.

If you have interest in being on the Board of Directors of Coal Hills BMX we would love to hear from you.  Please send your interests to [email protected]


We need all members to sign up for a role with this association. Please identify any area of interest that you may have at Coal Hills for the 2023 season and return to [email protected]


We would also love to hear your Positive feedback from current season

and Constructive feedback for next season