Block 1: Motos 1-3 & 29-51

Practice: 10am to 10:30am.


Block 2:  Motos 4-28 & 52-71

Practice: 12pm to 12:30pm.


Parade lap to follow both practice sessions, then moving right into racing


Motos are posted and final. and click on ‘Live Motos’ at top of page.


Please check your plate numbers and make sure what is on live motos matches what is on your plate. We have paper plates available in registration if your plate number needs to be changed to match what is on live motos. 


All riders 12 & under must race with flat pedals. No clipless pedals allowed.


Please do not enter the building until it’s your scheduled block time. One support person per rider. You will be asked to leave the building if you are not following these rules. Please leave immediately after your block racing is over, even if you are racing in the next block. The track needs to be vacated between blocks.


Racing will be live streamed on YouTube at If you’re waiting in the parking lot, you can listen to racing on 106.7 FM radio.


Mask or helmet on at all times in the building.  See you tomorrow!