Columbia Basin BMX Track has brought Sqorz to the Pacific Northwest!  This is HUGE!!   

Timing will be included in race, practice, and clinic fees.  All you need is a MYLAPS Transponder.  These Transponders are available at or at Registration.

Don't wait or hesitate to order!  This is the best price you will find anywhere. Order yours today (like, right now)!  Please note that this is not a requirement of CBBMX.  You can race without the Transponder.  

Thank you to our AWESOME and GENEROUS sponsors, Hayden Homes, LLC and Stoneway Electric Supply, the system will be ready to go for the start of the season on March 4!  

This is the same timing system software used by USA BMX at Pro Nationals.  This system will allow our riders to see their 30', 1st straight and full lap times... in real time! Every rider will have live access on their (or their parents) devices, so they can see and keep track of their improvement over the course of the season.  
This is AWESOME for our seasoned Intermediate and Experts wanting to push themselves to the next level... buts it's also a GREAT way to show our Novice Riders that they are improving, even if they aren't at the front of the pack.
Whether racing or training, this provides a better view of how you or your rider is doing.

We will be highlighting the awesomeness of this software more in social media posts, but for now... just go order your transponder(s)!!!