Here at Steel Wheels, we are raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

As a rider at Steel Wheels Indoor BMX and/or Imagination Glen BMX, we wanted to let you know the new way we are fundraising for next week's Race For Life Event at Steel Wheels Indoor BMX in Hobart, Indiana.

This year we are doing something a little different, and using a website called Crowdrise to monitor and handle the donations to make it easier for you to be apart of this awesome movement.

You can donate from: Now until October 15th 2019.

Here is our track's Crowdrise page ! Check it out!

This year, donating is super easy.  Just register using your email or by linking your facebook page and you can make donations, or join the team to help raise more money for the cause!

We also have put together a flyer as a tool to help raise awareness. So if you, your friends or family would like one, it will be at the bottom of the page!

We have teamed up with Box Components to give prizes for the top 10 biggest donators, so by donating you can win:

A Bracelet

A T-Shirt

A Jacket


A free trip to the greatest race on Earth!

The USA BMX Grands!

*a quick note:

Unlike the donation envelopes you used to turn in at the race, you have from today until October 15th to raise money for this great cause. So sign up, join the team, and share your link on your social media to encourage your friends and family to donate!

Thanks so much!