A USABMX membership is required to ride here...we can help you purchase one in signups

We accept credit cards

We have a small Pro Shop with some replacemenet bike parts, etc and can order almost anything that you need.

There is no vending in the building unless you talk to us first.

We are a large facility with bleachers, bathrooms, concessions stand and plenty of paved parking

Entrance to the track is on the SOUTH EAST SIDE...bikes enter ONLY through the south east man door (signage is on the door)

You must sign in to ride the track.

No tent set up inside due to the large number of riders  

No plug in heaters kerosene heaters either

We stage a little differently...although we have chutes for the motos....motos go to staging by GROUPS....first all OPENS, then ALL CRUISERS, followed by NOVICES, etc.. That way if you are a 7expert you dont need to have a while to get to staging and it wont be a mes to get there if you follow the plan.

We run motos fast...really fast - about national pace fast..and if you arent a brand new novice rider...please be where you are suppose to be.We dont rerun for late to the gate riders

We award 1st - 8th place in the main.  You earned it!

We observe the racing rules to our interpretation....which is pretty standard intrepretation and we call em as we see em.  Know your rule book - we certainly do

We have zero tolerance for volunteer abuse, kid abuse, specatator abuse.... dont go there.

This is a drug and alcohol free facility  This is also a NO SMOKING facility and that means within 30 feet of the building as well.

We do like dogs

This is a big building that is heated...but it also a big building in NW Indiana so dress appropriately...the more people inside the warmer it is but it still runs about 60 degrees..riders think its just fine so plan accordingly.

Outside the building is an actual active road and other businesses.  Please keep an eye on your children.  Riding bikes in the parking lot is Dangerous - especially at night...walking out in the parking lot is like walking out into a road...let them be aware

Parents must stay on premises with their children.