Heading to the indoor this weekend??  March 22-23

JUST A FEW DAYS UNTIL OUR DOUBLE/TRIPLE RFL/GCQ WEEKEND!  Here is some helpful information to know as you prepare for a great race weekend at Steel Wheels!

Things to know before you go…..

 PRESIGN . . .    PRESIGN….   PRESIGN…. To avoid long lines go to bmxsignups.com and signup for the weekend events.Online presigns close on Friday at noon.  It's easy and fast…

Doors open at 12:30 pm on Saturday and 8:30am on Sunday  Onsite registration is 1-3pm Saturday and 9-11am on Sunday.  We accept cards or cash.  Signups close at 3pm Saturday and 11am Sunday.  There are NO call in signups.  If you are late - call a friend who is already here and have them sign you up. RACING IS ASAP!

Follow the parking plan that will be  posted on Facebook  and follow the parking volunteers in the parking lots.  The parking lot is shared with MANY other businesses and the parking map shows where you can park and where you cannot park.

No overnight camper parking is allowed.

Full concessions will be up and running …. Please bring CASH…we do not accept cards in concessions…or large bills.  Concessions punch cards can be purchased in $5 increments with a card at the Info Table up until the close of registration or when you are signing up in registration.

If you presigned - CHECK YOUR PRESIGN INFORMATION when you arrive and take any corrections to the information table outside of registration by close of registration.

Make sure your BIKE NUMBER and SIDE PLATE (if you are using one) match AND also match the moto sheet.  No exceptions… you WILL NOT BE SCORED if they do not match the moto sheets. Free paper plates are available at the Info Table or fancy ones are available for purchase in the Pro Shop.

WATCH YOUR LITTLE ONES please!  The outside parking area also includes an active roadway used by cars, and SEMIS… they drive through the road all the time and cannot see little ones jutting out between cars - nor expect little ones to be doing that… 

Please be respectful of the businesses sharing the plaza and the patrons using their business.  Make sure your riders are respectful as well.

 There is no overnight security in the parking lots.

 Note our staging method - there are signs everywhere - and also note we run motos FAST!    Be where you need to be - 

 Last - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS to the people who have the answers…not the ones who THINK they have the answers.  Track Staff Volunteers are ALL OVER and if you need an answer to something  stop by our Information Table outside Signups. 

We look forward to seeing everyone!  Safe travels!