2024 Open Smith Rock BMX Board Positions

As we head towards the end of our 2023 racing season, we wanted to announce some upcoming leadership changes. It was a big, busy, exciting year for Smith Rock BMX and we are looking forward to next year. Thank you to all of the families, riders, teams, volunteers, and sponsors for an amazing year!

Leadership within Smith Rock BMX in the past has been kept to a small group that serves a two year term. See our current positions and opening positions at the end of this season below, as well as qualifications for eligibility. Beginning in 2024, positions (with the exception of the President) will serve a 1 year term. 

During December of htis year, nominations are open to the public. You can nominate yourself, or a friend who fits the above criteria and the current board members will review your selection. Accepted nominees will be notified by the board. The election meeting will be help January 7th, and we will officiall announch our 2024 Smith Rock BMX Board of Directors. 

2023 Board of Directors

President - Sharlie Tassie

Vice President - Jim Wallace

Secretary - Kalia Durfee

Treasurer - Dawn Kaster

Community Liaison - Sarah Ruzikia

Track Coach - Orion Mente

Track Operator - Seth Tassie


Board Positions

President - Sharlie Tassie 

Sharlie Tassie has served on the board since 2021. Her contributions to the organization have turned our program into everything it is today. Sharlie has refreshed our sponsorship program, applied for several grant and improvement projects and has a bright vision for the future of Smith Rock BMX. She knows that with continued community support, anything is possible. Sharlie intends to continue in this roll.

Responsibilities of this position are below:

  • Submit race schedule to USA BMX.
  • Insure event set up, awards, event staff/official training.
  • Be the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, ensure activities of the track and association follow incorporation laws, bylaws, and any contracts or agreements entered into by the association.
  • Shall have knowledge of current rules and regulations as set forth by USA BMX.
  • Have general supervision of its affairs and business.
  • Preside at all meetings, the annual meeting: schedule regular meetings and emergency meetings when necessary.
  • Initiate new procedures only with the approval of the general membership.
  • A good president will create a positive environment ensuring all board members understand their responsibilities and are able to fulfill them. The president will represent the board as whole and not act as a staff supervisor.                  
  • Submit TORF (including all event paperwork) in accordance with USA BMX guidelines.

Vice President - Jim Wallace - Available to fill

Thank you to Jim Wallace for stepping in to help the last couple of years. Jim's knowledge, and dedication to the sport of BMX has helped Smith Rock BMX immensely. Jim's time on the quad and helping Seth make the surface smooth is greatly appreciated. 

Are you interested in filling this role? See the responsibilities below and reach out if you would be a good fit:

  • The Vice President assists the president and other board positions.
  • In the absence or disability of the President, they shall perform the duties of the President.
  • Manages all forms of social media. 
  • Anticipated weekly comitment: 10-20 hours, up to 30 hours

Secretary - Kalia Durfee 

Kalia Durfee has shown great leadership in this role. She has helped ensure large races are staffed and well-managed. Kalia will be staying in her position. She’s excited to serve another term and hopes the community keeps growing! 

Responsibilities of this position are below:

  • Take board-meeting minutes.
  • Report previous meetings minutes.
  • Maintain and reference previously discussed meeting information.
  • Maintain a current copy of the Smith Rock BMX bylaws.
  • Fundraising/community outreach

Treasurer - Dawn Kaser 

Dawn Kaser has ensured the Snack Shack is well managed. She makes sure the community is well represented and handles accounts receivable and payable. We appreciate her knowledge and dedication. 

Responsibilities of the Treasurer are below:

  • Act as the custodian of the funds of Smith Rock BMX.                                                                        
  • Make disbursements as authorized by the board. 
  • Maintain a full account of funds for Smith Rock BMX including all receipts and disbursements.
  • Collect and maintain expense records, keeping Quickbooks up to date. 
  • Prepare a financial report for board meetings.
  • Responsible for an annual report of the financial condition or Smith Rock BMX at the end of year general membership meeting.
  • Prepare IRS forms in accordance with tax- exempt status under section 501 c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.        
  • Stock the concession booth with food, beverages and snacks using the track debit card and keep receipts for purchases.      
  • Ensure the concession booth is attended and sales are handled.

Community Liaison - Sarah Ruzikia - Available to fill if candidate is interested

Sarah is always ready to help however she can. Stuffing goody bags, raking rocks, writing newsletter pieces, shopping for snack shack, and so much more! Her efforts are greatly appreciated.

Responsibilities of this position are below:

  • Fundraising/community outreach
  • Assist with Snack Shack
  • Assist Track Operator and other positions as needed
  • Arrange theme nights and special celebrations
  • Anticipated weekly commitment: 10 hours

Track Operator - Seth Tassie - Available to fill

Seth Tassie has been one of Smith Rock BMX’s greatest assets the past few years. Seth stepped into the track operator role with little knowledge of what it entailed, but his dedication led him to become a stellar track operator. Seth was the driving force in many track improvements. Seth has made the decision to step down as Track Operator so he can be more present with his daughter and enjoy the sport of BMX as a racer too! We should all be grateful for Seth’s commitment to the track, we hope to continue to build off of his success. 

Are you interested in filling this role? See the responsibilities below and reach out if you would be a good fit:

  • Insure that all events are competition ready, including but not limited to: track prep, event set up, awards, and event staff/official training 
  • Lead and/or assist with track maintenance on designated workdays 
  • Have complete control of all aspects of races 
  • Determine and enforce race rules, method of racing, classes available, etc. in accordance with USA BMX 
  • Be on the track during practice and races, observing riders, or appoint a suitable designee 
  • Assist new riders/families and work to recruit volunteers to serve roles at the track 
  • Have the authority to cancel races in any emergency situation 
  • Anticipated weekly commitment: 30 hours

Track Coach - Orion Mente 

Coach Orion has been an incredibly generous supporter of Smith Rock BMX. He donates his time and knowledge to help grow the sport of BMX by hosting weekly clinics. He is passionate about helping and sharing his talent. He completes projects around the track and shares a vision of growth for the track. 

Duties of the Track Coach are as follows:

  •  Actively promote and publicize events.       
  • Maintain required training through USA BMX.      
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned.  
  • Conduct clinics 

Qualifications for eligibility:

To be elected to the board, you must:

  • Attend or have attended a minimum of 2 board meetings within the last year 
  • Be a positive and encouraging member of our BMX community 
  • Show genuine interest in promoting our culture and ideas

Things to keep in mind:

  • There are so many positions that if you’re enthusiastic about helping out, we can find something for you! 
  • All board positions, other than president, will be a one year term commitment 
    • These positions include: Track Operator, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Track Coach, and Community Liaison (for more detailed information on each position, please reach out!)

If you don’t want to serve in a designated position, we can ALWAYS use more volunteers! We would love to show you how you can get involved!

We hope you’ll consider joining the election!

Are you good at any of the above and interested in helping out? Reach out and let’s chat (send email to [email protected] with the role you are interested in and why you would be a good fit or find a current board member to discuss)! Nominations close at the November board meeting. All board members and volunteers receive 50% off the first race fee for local races at both Smith Rock BMX and Bend BMX.