UPDATE 12/26/2018 New Changes in Store for Bellflower BMX come 2019.
The changes have been made to the second and third straight to accommodate moving the 2nd turn in. We are now in the process of installing the new LED lighting along with adding a few more light poles with lighting as well, and we have been moving some plumbing around too. We will also be installing a new gate which may be a little delayed. We will know later this week.
In addition to the above, Beginning January 2019, we will have new race days. They will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Practice 5:30-7:30pm with racing to follow. We will still have Marc's beginner clinic on Saturday morning and we will also continue to run our big race days and Special Events on the weekends as well.
We are very happy with all the changes and other exciting events we have planned for the 2019 season. More info regarding to come later.
Please no negative comments, we will continue to bring you the best track and race experience and hope that you will continue to support our efforts.
Tammy and the Bellflower BMX crew